I will go to the library to set my path right

To keep my life’s pursuit bright

Even if the red sea is before me

And the Egyptian army behind me.


Books! Books! Books! I have made you my soul mate

Our union is an eye opener

I can no longer judge wrongly as I used to

That you are so boring and stuffy.

It was me who walk to and fro

Knowing the entrance and exit yet passed by

Only to conclude that you are mundane.


From the moment I found love in you

You called me closer to know more of you

It was an invitation to open the book and turn the pages

To catch up with knowledge long lost.

Even when my mind is blunt and blank

You showed me you can sharpen my mind

I thought I was unlearned, but you showed me the contrary

I feel blessed moment to moment through your pages


My library! My library!

You have an essence it is a blessing to me

You taught me a thousand lessons, such a blessing

As you gossip the character and history of great men to me,

so I can be one.


To all my neighbours

I preach this to you in all my journey

If you miss out from the comfort of the library

It’s your fault,

If you are unaware of the luck library gives

It’s because you blindfolded yourself with ignorance

If you lose in class in the midst of so much knowledge

It’s because you underrated the friendship of the library


Why do you assume the library flogs like a slave master

When each time you flaunt like you are master of all

And now you say its library’s fault

No! No! No! I was once there in your shoes

It’s not a shadow as you think


I urge you to turn a new leaf

And come along with me

To discover the hidden treasures in the Library.


To let you know from dusk to dawn

That your best is yet to come when you device every means

To befriend and maximize the use of the library

Perhaps, someday you’ll find such beauty in your own life

With great impact as it was written

In the pages you once read in the library.

  • Author: Mr. Theophilus E. Omojevwe (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 11th, 2023 03:35
  • Comment from author about the poem: THE POWER AND MYSTERY OF KNOWLEDGE.
  • Category: Friendship
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