Peter Gates

To hold a woman, makes man a king
To be kissed by her, a blessed thing,
To be loved by her, everything.

Looking Better & Better: Nothing Will 4get Her.
Sweeter & Softer: Love Letter Receiver.
Wiser, With Both Wiles & Intuition.
Invitation, The 1 She Gives Most Genuinely, Makes A Heart Complete.

Her sweet kiss
I'm drowning in her aroma
I can't seem to get enough of her
She's more beautiful than the universe
And I'm filled with angst when she's not with me
I love her
I want to be with her
Cus that woman is the reason I wake up
Is the reason that I actually care about sex
I love that woman
That friend of mine
To whom I will die for
Because she's the woman in my life

A man could not set aside his pride
The woman chooses her fights
What an epitome of class.
She could shoot me down
With only her eyes.
The balance
The curves
The lines
A fool compares her to wine;
She is intoxicating, you are slurring, you are buzzing, and she tastes bitter
Until she is sweet
Desire becomes gluttony
It is why you indulge

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