Charing Cross Station

Keith Jeffries

Charing Cross Station


At the end of the Strand it stands out as bold.

A fine edifice which is many years old.

The facade is ornate and a sight to see.

Also a well known meeting place to be.

Loudspeaker announcements are regularly made.

With an English accent and very staid.

Platform Six is for Folkestone and Dover.

If going to France the journey is not over.

As the train pulls out of the station.

The River Thames draws my attention.

Then as it gathers speed into the fields.

We see what the county of Kent does yield.

The garden of England is an orchard of fruit.

And many can be seen on this scenic route.

London now recedes into the distant past.

As the train races on with a speed so fast.

The county is immense and grand in size.

And within its boundaries does much reside.

Towns and villages fly past with haste.

As the channel express does make its pace.

In the skies above the Battle of Britain was fought.

And from this conflict are many memories and thoughts.

A county well forested which often conceals the view.

It is a great temptation to get off and see what's new.

Passengers sit in compartments of eight.

Some with refreshments bought before the gate.

A trolley service brings beverages and booze.

Which often causes many to silently snooze.

A whistle is blown and an announcement made known.

That the train has arrived and will soon be home.


  • Author: Keith Jeffries (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 18th, 2023 14:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: A train journey which I made on a weekly basis many years ago in both directions. It brings back fond memories.
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  • L. B. Mek

    I used to work on trains, and indeed
    this beautiful love song to
    our much maligned Blighty
    'brings back fond memories'
    thank you for sharing, dear poet

    • Keith Jeffries

      Thank you for taking the time to read this poem and commenting on it. I was in the Army for ten years and spent hours racing about from one station to the next in different parts of the country. Rail travel is my favourite mode of transport.

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