In the realm of fleeting moments, where time does race,

There lies a truth, a wisdom we must embrace.

Life, a precious gift, with hours that swiftly pass,

Beckons us to shed the weight of grudges amassed.


For in this mix of moments, woven with care,

There's no room to bear the burdens of despair.

Why waste the days, with bitterness entwined,

When forgiveness awaits, with solace in its find?


Let not the grievances become our prison walls,

But rather choose compassion when anger calls.

For every breath we take, a chance to mend,

To reconcile, to heal, and make amends.


The clock's relentless ticking echoes in our ears,

A reminder of our limited time, it appears.

With every sunrise, a new chapter does unfold,

A chance to forgive, a chance to break the mold.


For grudges, heavy stones, will weigh us down,

And cast a shadow o'er joys that could be found.

Life's canvas shines brightest when hearts are free,

To let go of resentment, to let forgiveness be.


So let us embrace the fleeting nature of our days,

Release the chains of anger in forgiving ways.

With open hearts, let's sow seeds of love and grace,

And watch as bitterness fades, leaving no trace.


In the grand symphony of existence we partake,

May forgiveness be the note our souls do make.

For life is too short to harbor grudges, it's true,

Let's forgive, move on, and let our spirits renew.

  • Author: Dark (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 20th, 2023 09:43
  • Category: Forgiveness
  • Views: 4
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  • Jerry Reynolds

    Well written, D.
    Good message.

    • Dark

      Thank you very much

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