Naughty Nanny


I must go and get ready, 

I'm just dieing for a final pee, 

I know that I shouldn't have had,

That extra cup of tea.


But I needed just something,

To pass the waste of time,

Until their welcome arrival, 

Those blessed grandsons of mine.


Fourteen and fifteen,

They are a cheeky young pair,

Always ready to play a joke,

Or go along with a naughty dare.


A Friday once a week , 

They pay a visit after school, 

And I pay a pretty penny, 

As they take Nanny for a happy fool.


My pensioner purse is opened, 

And my weekly fee is fleeced,

And in return they give me,

A full hour or two unceased.


And an illicit bribe of rum,

And uniforms are readily discarded,

My two handsome boys, 

Are as naked as Adam regarded.


Their two fine rampant manhoods, 

Are such a joy to behold.

Steadfast and beautifully proud,

And taste of all wonders told.


They still find my old body,

Enough a delight and adventure,

Two big playful breasts,

To be pulled and slapped for censure.


And they still enjoy a fascination,

For the nature between my legs, 

With roving fingers and thumbs,

For the sheer wetness that it begs.


And an introduction to my clitoris,

Has been near overly discovered,

And my forgotten orgasms a plenty,

Have been blissfully recovered.


In turn one after the other, 

On top of me they climb,

Feeding in their fountains of youth,

To enjoy me for a short time.


But practice is making perfect,

And premature release is fading,

These boys are changing weekly,

To the young men I'm now trading.


The Missionary has had it's time,

On a spit they like the most,

One for Nanny's dirty mouth,

While her behind gets a really good roast.


They laugh as my boobs are swinging,

Going quick and hard and true,

Swapped around to safely deliver,

A faceful of their hot teenage brew.


And ever ready young cups,

Brimming full of sweet inspiration,

Fill my heart with taboo joy,

Happily overcoming my aberration.


Teenage kicks so hard to beat,

With so lovely cocks, balls and


To teach and learn upon my body,

Just don't go telling their Mum!










  • Author: JasmineUK (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 21st, 2023 19:26
  • Category: Unclassified
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