All I Want

Santajah Douglass

All I want is to be happy and I use to think it cost but I know that it doesn't cost a thing really

All I want is to be free out of these chains that you tried to keep me in but now I saved myself from others wants and needs

All I want is truth and I know many have let you down but I'm not that girl that sits waiting in the background 


Free myself from the prejudice  and sexist views 

Free myself from the physical and emotional abuse

Free myself from the pain and tears that I use to let flow through


All I want is to be happy and it doesn't cost really but my future ahead is very fulfilling 

All I want is to be free and I did break the chains of others wants and needs and help myself and the ones that really matter in-between

All I want is truth and I apologize for the things you been through but I know my worth and siting and looking pretty will not be the only thing I do

  • Author: Santajah Douglass (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 22nd, 2023 14:46
  • Comment from author about the poem: It took time to find peace with myself and peace with all I have suffered through. There are many things that I would never want to put others through but here the thing I wont live in the past and I wont sit still and look pretty and I wont allow myself to be silenced. I will not wait to be saved when god gave me the strength to save myself and I know my kindness can be taken for granted but I won't allow it. I don't think belittling or abuse or any version of shaming is ok. The world is not about what I want but if it were is it wrong to want peace. I don't think it wrong to feel safe and I don't think you should hold back your voice because it make someone else happy. if people don't allow you to speak or value your opinion then they don't deserve you. When someone tries to talk down to you and they have no idea of who you are let alone take a second to understand your story then they don't deserve you because you don't have to understand everyone story but if you don't know it then you can't speak on it. Constantly thinking you know it all when you have no idea is very unbecoming of the person you say you know you are or who you think you are. The poem is really an eye opener to the ignorant of how certain treatment can affect someone but the poem also show overcoming it and living life and that is type of story I want to tell with this poem.
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