Letter to liberal philosopher Isaiah Berlin

Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla

Dear liberal philosopher Isaiah Berlin:

What a radical definition of two concepts of liberty!

However, your works are so radical that they create a just society.

Your understanding of an Egyptian peasant or Muslim farmer

Is not about food and clothes.

But for him or for her, a daily dose of Quran

That say only Muslims are pure and sacred.

No one is more pure and sacred than a Muslim.

For a Muslim peasant or for an Oxford University Muslim Professor

Is not what freedom wants, but freedom of spreading their inhuman Quran?

At the cost of humanity

Almost all of the radical liberal philosophers

Just like you are projecting a Syrian, Afghan, Iranian, Arab, or African Muslim

As a penny less poor

What a Syrian peasant or a Syrian NASA Muslim scientist wants is not freedom or liberty, but establishing an Islamic State in the West

That your politically correct ideologues have paved the way for their fanaticism

Their fanaticism was established with the arrival of 100 million Muslim refugees.

But still, if you see them as deprived of economy or resources,

You are wrong.

What they want is to create an Allah kingdom in the West.

Neither freedom nor freedom

They are brainwashed with coercive ideology rather than your peace of liberty.

They are born with a coercive ideology.

Freedom is a victim in their squalor or royal palaces.

Liberty is chained in their homes and mosques.

Freedom of speech is buried in their schools.

Freedom of speech is buried in their schools.

The truth, equality, humanity, and rationality are their enemies.

Humanity is sandwiched in their Islamic ideology.

If you born in Islamic family

Your book might have said "Allah the Great."

Than two concepts of liberty

None of the Muslims have thinking capacity.

Violence is their food for thought.

Blood is their freedom of thought.

Hate is their mother.

Jihad is their beloved mother.

His or her name is Muslim.

Known for their crimes against humanity

The daily dose of Quran and terrorism is their two concepts of liberty from earth.

Their daily dose of terrorism is their two concepts of freedom.

They were born to worship Allah.

They were born to die for Allah.

They were born to enslave enlightened ideologies.

They don’t wear masks like many non-Muslims.

Their skin and mask are Quran.

Whether they are NASA scientists, Nobel laureates, or UNO secretary general

Quran is first, and Quran is last.

Freedom is born to die in their Quran.

At the hands of a Muslim

They were born to establish an Islamic State in the West.

Her freedom is not our freedom.

Her liberty is not our liberty.

Her dream is to eliminate freedom and liberty.

That you or John Rawls or Rousseau or J. S. Mill or Locke or Constant or Tocqueville peached us

I would have been happy if you wrote about an African Christian peasant.

Who has truly known your spirit of the two concepts of freedom or liberty?

An African illiterate or uneducated Christian peasant is more productive, nonviolent, rational, and democratic.

Than Cambridge or Oxford University Muslim Professor

Than a NASA Muslim scientist or UNO Muslim representative.

But total self-surrounding of the Quran is their means and end.

‘Asylum’ is their weapon for institutionalized religion in the West.

The West is under attack from 100 million Islamists.

No space can make them human.

They were born with satanic verses.

They remain Satanic in our world.

Daily dose of their Quran

Is not about your freedom or liberty.

But the elimination of life itself from birth

  • Author: Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 24th, 2023 00:18
  • Comment from author about the poem: Asylum camps in western countries are open madrassas that are presided over by government Muslim employees, ranging from security guards to public officials, who belong to the Islamic religion. The rule of law that says religion is private and personal has been lifted for the sake of Muslims in the West. If an African man holds a ‘Bible’ or says ‘Jesus Christ’ in the public domain or public sector, she/he carries a life sentence in the West, but the rule of law is exempt for Muslims.
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