The Last Hot Pocket


An evil old man is trying to shoot his male roommate and I'll tell you why;

His male roommate had eaten the last Hot Pocket and that's no lie.


Trying to shoot his male roommate because he had eaten the last Hot Pocket is stupid as hell;

While driving somewhere, the Muslim man and his adult son see the crime and here are other things that I'll tell.


The Muslim man and his adult son stop their car, grab their things, and exit their car, which is true;

In order to stop the old crook, the Muslim man and his adult son separate, which is a wise thing to do.


The adult son tells the old bastard to stop, which is daring as can be;

When the old bastard sees the adult son, he tries to shoot him swiftly.


The adult son uses his katana to deflect the bullets, as you can see;

His father, the Muslim man, sneaks up on the old faggot and I'm speaking honestly.


The Muslim man throws his sai into the back shoulder of the old fool;

When the old crook is injured, he drops his gun, which is cool.


The Muslim man runs towards the old asshole and turns him around as fast as he can;

He applies the guillotine choke on the old shitty man.


When the old fucker is unconscious, the Muslim man releases his foe;

He takes his sai out of the old fucker and uses a cloth to wipe the blood off his weapon, which is good to know.


The Muslim man puts a bandage on the old punk's back shoulder, which is bright;

The old punk's roommate thanks the two Muslims for rescuing him, which is polite.


The Muslim man and his adult son call the police, which is great;

The police arrive and arrest the old moron who's full of hate.


While carrying their things, the Muslim man and his adult son return to their car and drive away;

The old crook is still mad at his roommate for eating the last Hot Pocket and that's all I have to say.

  • Author: hotidris (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 24th, 2023 22:29
  • Category: Short story
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  • Saxon Crow

    I always enjoy your work Idris. Which is cool

    • hotidris

      Thank you for saying that, Saxon.

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