Dear Spencer


Hello Spencer

My older brother

Should I ask how are you

Or no because you never ask me back?

Perhaps something deeper

Purpose for this letter?

You’re being quite unjust

Oh, and as your little sis, just so you know,

If you go on that cruise this summer I will hate you forever

What, you don’t see the issue?

No no you’re not just putting him before me

You’re putting a criminal before you only sister

A molester even

You know it, but you don’t see the problem

How can I be protected when I’m not even respected by my brother

My own flesh and blood

You wouldn’t get it 

I don’t think you understand

And if I explain it I don’t think you’ll respect it

My older brother, you’re supposed to protect me

For this then I am angry

Do you realise he’s the reason I’ve almost died?

No because you wouldn’t get it

You laugh about suicide, even say you’ll do it yourself when you’re angry

You don’t understand the struggle.

Me and dad

We keep this from you and mom

Because mom doesn’t get it either

She could never think her family is the problem.

And I don’t think you can either

So regardless 

You will spend time with my assaulter

You will have fun with my assaulter

And for that I will never forgive you.

-Lil sis

  • Author: NinjaGirl (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 25th, 2023 07:53
  • Category: Letter
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