Without you


Nothing is real now. My easiest hello my hardest goodbye .sad truth we couldn't keep each other forever,but I think we both know that there were people who separated us more in this lifetime.
I met you when everything was new and exciting , and the possibilities of the world seemed endless . They still are but not for us . Somewhere between then and now here and there , i guess we didn't just grow apart , we left each other. When something breaks if the pieces are large enough we can fix it . Unfortunately, sometimes things don't break , they shatter . But when you lit the lights in the shattered glass will start to glitter.Do you think we can have one more chance, do you think we can also glitter . Can we fix what is broken .i would give up everything for you but are you ready to stick around . I wish we could go back as love is so much more .i no longer want my emotions to feel like a ticking threat . Do we have to see each other always like this where we haven't even closed our doors but still shut them.isn't our heart open enough to be inviting . Your work and your schedule reminds you to feel brave but still can you start caring about people and openly show . Miscommunication can lead to lot of pain Having strong feelings for each other wasn't in vain . You know what my heart truly seeks.I think it's annoying but i think there is nothing better than that annoying person . I am sorry if it's messy but I didn't had time to get prepared . I will patiently wait for you to turn your back around.honestly i am exhausted when do i get to be worth the wait?when do i get to be soo understood instead of being so understanding ? When do my bare minimum gets to see much less demanding . When do i get to be treated better instead of being told I deserve better? When do i get to be noticed  that i am impossible to ignore.  When do i get to say stop this really isn't fair ? When do i get to sit down and have you stand up for me to love me idiosyncrasies that I could never see.i suppose this is on me trying to Love with a broken heart  from someone who is so confused to know how to give it back, but you made me go insane day after day i waited for you to change I cried out 1000 times , we are not made to love one another your mind does not think Like mine, but our hearts refuse to let this love die. So i am sorry i am sorry that i will choose love over anything time after time.This is choosing me and i love to love you with all my heart.In this game of better you forget if it's love there is nothing better than what you have got and if you would have told me i had to change i would have tried my best to give you the best of what you deserved.

  • Author: Li (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 25th, 2023 11:15
  • Category: Unclassified
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