Is it okay?


Is it okay?

Is it okay for you? To love me? Knowing that I'll overthink everything u say?


You softly stop me from asking, "is it okay"?



I need you to be honest with me!

Is it okay for you? To love me? Knowing that I'll cry after every fight?


I am quite exhausted from being strong!

Is it okay for you to let me sleep next to you? When I want you to hold me tight?


The nightmares have made me a little tired!

But is it okay if I need you to tell me how much things done by me are admired?


Is it okay for you to love me? When I need my mind to be called beautiful before my body to be called hot?


Is it okay for you to love me? I need you i really do! But can u stop pushing me aside?


Is it okay if i want u to gently wrap me in your arms when I'm done crying?


I will always love you but?

Is it okay for you to be a man my future daughter can always call?


It is okay for you!!!! To be a man because of who? 

My future son can say "I learned how to love? From you two!"


Is it okay for you? If i need you to love me forever? And ever? Without measure? 

It would be my pleasure



~Mahika Sareen

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  • Published: May 25th, 2023 23:59
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  • L. B. Mek

    they say our fairy tales were once horror stories
    sometimes, its easy to believe
    stay strong! thanks for sharing

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