The nobody who wants you

I might be an idiot,

since I fell for you back then.

I said to myself, it’s in the past,

I look at you and it reminds

me of the feelings once again

as it still prevails.


Guess I’m the nobody,

who wants you still,

guess I’m the one 

who awaits endlessly.

The one who wants to scream,

so that you look at me.


I lost my chance,

I see.

Was there even any?

Your presence,

I miss randomly. 


I hurt, hurt endlessly.

I cry and cry,

yet I can’t scream.

I want you to look at me,

just give me one more chance.

I want you to think of me,

oh how I blew my chance.


I should have tried harder,

I didn’t do enough.

Cause in the end,

am I worth your love?


I watch you hurt,

over and over now.

What should I say?

When I’m not enough,

to give you what you want.

To help the pain disappear.


Yet, as I watch you

as you hurt me once again.

I’d give a second chance,

just don’t hesitate.

  • Author: Mikey (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 28th, 2023 11:43
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 10


  • Santajah Douglass

    I really like your poem and in ways I think I truly understand it. It never idiotic to love someone or to give a second chance all you can do is be someone worth loving and hope they love you too even if that love take time and years of growth. remember that pain comes and goes and love can be eternal.

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