Lesbian love

Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla

Sita and Laxmi attended school.
Attended college and university together.
Sitting together, sharing together
Eating together, walking together
Inseparable, they fell in love.
Feeling each other
Expressing each other
Kissing their cheeks
Tasting their lips and body fragrance
Love of their lives, living together
Dating together, reading together, and writing together
Loving together
Hugging together
Families searching for a boy to marry them
But the souls of Sita and Laxmi were united long ago.
Families search for partners increased.
Loving birds are traumatized and stressed.
The time is approaching to marry their opposite sex.
Love birds flew to an unknown place.
That unknown place was too coercive to their love.
A daily dose of same-sex is unnatural or haram has become hell for both loving souls
Decided to end their life.
But suddenly
Pupil of John Rawls and Isaiah Berlin
I happened to meet them.
Giving them hope of fighting and surviving
Even though survival of the fittest is not easy for them,
Living and loving in another safe place

  • Authors: Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla
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  • Finished: June 13th, 2023 03:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Sita and Lakshmi are females who fell in love with each other. Love is natural, so love and let them love each other; live and let them live. Let us follow what our liberal philosophers John Rawls and Isaiah Berlin defined as what liberty, truth, freedom, and justice mean. Let us respect individual freedom, liberty, identity, choice, recognition, love, feelings, and expressions. Let them express the same sex and the same love feelings. Dr. Suryaraju Mattimalla Author of the globally acclaimed "Compatibility of the Death Penalty with the Purpose of Criminal Punishment in Ethiopia". Author of the "Why I Am Not Indian: The Untouchable Rejecting India's Citizenship"
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