Memorial Day May 29th, 2023


Enshrined for all posterity

mine benediction for reverence,
whereby conflict resolution
ameliorated courtesy peaceable solutions.


An adulation, concatenation, encapsulation,

gratification, introspection, et cetera
encompassing poignant episodes of mein kampf.

Flagrante delict adulterous sordid behavior
automatically linkedin with Lothario;
an unscrupulous seducer of women,

based upon a character

in The Impertinent Curious Man,

a story within a story

in Miguel de Cervantes'

1605 novel, Don Quixote.


Hard to fathom where yours truly

got (seedy – CD) drive and moxie,

after willingly assenting

to pledge sacred marital agreement

courtesy justice of the peace
and Magisterial District Judge:

Henry Schireson

925 Montgomery Avenue,

Suite 100, Narberth, Pennsylvania



He subsequently and immediately
pronounced myself and the missus

as newlywed groom and bride
freshly minted husband and wife

July twenty fifth nineteen ninety six

until death do us part.


A couple years later,

we acquired our first computer

then snazzy top of the line
state of the art COMPAQ presario

running on Windows 98 operating system,

a belated wedding anniversary present,

whereat wide-eyed, I quickly disc hoovered
plethora pornographic websites

expending energy and time crafting

which hashtagged electronic ejaculations recognized

now as crude sexually explicit

classified personal advertisements

forsaking welfare of marriage and fatherhood

to mine innocent beautiful two little girls.


I blatantly, egregiously, indiscriminately...

whiled away hours shucking off
essentially grievously ignoring

paternal and husbandly duties
instead prioritizing re: cultivating,
cavorting, frolicking, inviting...

romantic (née dangerous) liaisons.

These days majority of time spent online
constitutes crafting anecdotes of mein kampf,
albeit reflecting categorically imponderable poetry

and/or stream of consciousness prose

veritable anonymous readers

probably roll their eyes

at mine trademark double entendre,

yet bard arse (with shaky spear) knows

how inapropos I consider ogling attractive girls

for instance while grocery shopping

with the missus at Trader Joe's,

nevertheless job of this punster

his wordplay accidentally doth impose
so please pardon moi harmless

momentary lapse of rhymed reason


as mine handy dandy

blue veined ribbed slimy fleshy hose
does double duty in tandem with magic wand,

lifelike snaky entity that actually grows

particularly necessary when
burst of fiery secretion flows
intense spray powerful enough
to pulverize knees and elbows

subsequently witnessing yours truly to doze,
an ideal juncture to figuratively close

silently wailing analogy to Moby Dick
regarding how yesterdays
prurient laced introductions
to rhyme in retrospect embarrassingly blows.


Herewith to enliven anecdote ever further,
I inject humorous tidbit
just gimme moment to unload and reach
into psychological metaphorical knapsack
particularly blue slimy hose, my keepsake
to forcibly remove dingleberries
birthed courtesy emergency pit stop
without means and ways to clean derriere,
a feeble and futile attempt.

Haint no fallacy
yours truly subsequently secured
more powerful giant accouterment,
while clinging for dear life
perched atop ledger
or edge er domain of clawfoot bathtub,
(ah how convenient and timely
smallish size Jacuzzi getup to appear)
and lemme figuratively
continue (closing) pathetic riffraff
(apropos of nothing) riffling around
mostly strewn with random tchotchkes
and odd bubba's zayda's knickknack
such as ahh... look here hocked wares,
acquired ready to receive paddywhack
giving dog(gerel) bonafied chops.

Without warning be alert
and on outlook for non sequitur
verses asinine blather to blurt
plus quite juvenile grown man here
averse to prick thought processes of her/him

who might peruse frivolous inane gibberish

cuz precious effort ye exert

to comprehend written contents
alluding to metaphorical little squirt.

I chose to memorialize, alas and alack
atypical/unusual fond memory -
argh, a sudden nostalgia attack
many... countless years gone back
livingsocial at 324 Level Road,
elapsed good times, I can never buyback
Gambone builders demolished complex edifice
currently repurposed mansion manse courtesy
vinyl city as Stella's Way
boyhood address above,
frequently seen dramatically transformed
into aforementioned place name, which property
originally christened Glen Elm,
(within national registries)
yours truly cannot easily callback.
Noggin houses storied detailed information
though I experience exercise in futility
searching Internet, said webbed wide world
absent information when Leipers lived
circa early nineteen hundreds, though
if mine perchance eyes espied absent estate...
slack jawed stare would repeatedly
sow sadness weighing me heart
heavy as coalsack
accompanying sorrow with

attendant flood of tears,
would make an immediate comeback
impossible mission to stopper
feeble, futile and lame counterattack,
where sentimental reverie would
carry me far away to Old Virginny,
for no particular rhyme nor reason
e'en attempting to write
recollections might trigger
tsunami immanent grievous childhood memories

recollecting watching silent home movies,
while chomping on crackerjack
when I had real teeth,
boot the Missus axed me to enliven herself
regaling humorous instances, thus I cutback
to... hardy potty times, the major drawback
x amount of time elapsed
summoning special occasions
(surgeon general's warning
such mental revisitations)

fraught with onset, where perilous flashback
will moost likely
violently grip cerebral cortex
analogous to puny chap (me)
knocked unconscious courtesy
searingly robust fullback,
nevertheless impossible mission
to restrain waterworks I intend to hijack,
and hoop fully succeed tamping tears
strong suggestion as encouraged by hunchback

from Notre Dame Dublin
known within these neck of woods
as storied Paul Bunyan
also alias Philanderer,
(especially among superficially
prim and proper, but
actually debauched women folk),
whose services regarding payback
best abide, adhere, and afford
to pay forward credo fore playbook.

Said burly lumberjack with severe scoliosis,
nonetheless quite self evident
his outsize implement,
(ye need not axe further questions)
extinguishing problematic residue
iterated further within mine playful ramble.

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  • Published: May 29th, 2023 08:59
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