Friends Like Geronimo

S Julyne

Notice of absence from S Julyne
Hello friends and fans! I'd like to briefly inform everyone that I'm leaving the site until further notice. I will return when possible.

Let's say you are walking around your house:

You sit down, get up, wander throughout...

Then you find the table, and also something to think about;

The book on the table, an orange, gray, and white hardback,

About the size of the average foot; you pick it up and put it back


On the table, swirling with thoughts as you take in the cover and its title--

It reminds you of Geronimo, so much so

That as you find a seat on the couch cushion,

You ask yourself quietly if maybe he's in this one.

"Open the front and find out,"

You hear the voice, urgent, but not too menacing.


You wait a moment, wondering, "Why do I doubt?"

Maybe it's time for you to stop thinking.

And so you open it!

The adventure begins as your eyelashes flutter like butterflies

And your eyes go back and forth, they so flit,

Your mind trying to find where exactly reality could fit

Inside these pages that don't seem to be real.

Don't worry about it! Turn your imagination cogs, spin those wheels!


In only a few hours, on the couch again,

The book is finished, and you think about your friends:


"I wish I had friends who so loved this kind of adventure;

I'll take a kid or someone grown,

If only I don't have to live alone

In the adventure ahead; I'd take a him or her,

I'd take absolutely anyone, whoever

Is willing to cross the wobbling waterfall top's stones."


Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a friendly mouse?

Don't we all wish we had friends like Geronimo!

  • Author: Juliah PB (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 16th, 2023 10:58
  • Comment from author about the poem: I work at a library, so the books I find everywhere are constantly inspiring me to write more in all kinds of areas: fictional, factual, kids, and biographies all catch my attention and I just figured I'd put something out there for the mouse series by the name of Geronimo (Stilton). I've never actually read the Geronimo books, but they're adventurous enough, even on the cover. I really do wish my friends would adventure with me more often!
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