I Hold Your Heart (It rests with me)

Petrichor of Love

In chambers deep, entwined eternally,

I carry your heart, my love, tender and true.

Within my soul, where love finds sanctuary,

It dwells, bound to mine, forever anew.


With every breath, our spirits intertwine,

Inseparable, entwined in timeless embrace.

No distance, no boundaries, no limit to define,

For love transcends, defying time and space.


I hold your heart within mine, ever near,

A cherished gem, glowing with affection's light.

Its rhythm echoes, a melody so clear,

Guiding me through the darkest of night.


In every moment, your heart beats in mine,

A symphony of love, a celestial song.

Together, we rise, our spirits align,

Bound by a love that forever grows strong.


I carry your heart within mine, entwined,

Our love's journey, an eternal dance.

In this sacred bond, our souls combined,

United forever in love's sweet expanse.


So fear not, my love, though worlds may part,

For in my heart, your love will always reside.

Forever intertwined, two souls, one heart,

A love that transcends, with you by my side.

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  • Garth Rakumakoe

    A protective, embracing love this is! - Ever radiant ever warm, ever dependable... What better a fireplace! ❤

    • Petrichor of Love

      It's protected from all when it resides in the lover's heart 💖

    • LIZ

      "A Love that transcends", exceeds, goes beyond, surpasses all understanding! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Christina8

      A remarkable poem,,,great rhyme and cadence too!

    • Verse Twister

      Your heart is secured, when you find the love you wish for

      • Petrichor of Love

        Although it's a sojourn, yet it's the heaven we can experience in a lifetime💕

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