A warrior or worrier is always a choice.


A worrier who is always a slave who surrenders to their situation due to which start blaming the destiny

But a warrior who never surrenders to their situation and takes an opportunity to prove themselves worth.


A worrier who is always a coward who doesn't want to fight a battle without giving a chance

But a warrior who is always a brave leader who always fought on the battlefield.


A worrier who is always ready to find a discouragement to move forward in their life.

But a warrior who is always ready to find the courage to move forward regardless of the circumstances.


A worrier who is always ready to take a few steps backward and doesn't stand up for their worth

But a warrior who is always ready to stand up for themselves regardless of the circumstances and others.


A worrier who is always debatable about their situation which doesn't allow them to resolve any situation.

But a warrior who is always determined and doesn't allow to give up easily.

  • Author: shruti14 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 25th, 2023 01:20
  • Comment from author about the poem: I believe in our life we all are a warrior rather that's the only choice we have in our hands when a difficult situation just hits us all. So, it's better to be a warrior than to be a worrier the reason behind this is the worrier never comes out of a situation very easily it takes a lot of time to come out of it. On another hand, the warrior is always ready to look for a solution rather than blaming destiny.
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  • jarcher54

    Interesting analysis... but the worrier can USE those worriers as a warrior. You know, some warriors are natural at it... some of us have to take those worries and get up the courage to do something!

    • shruti14

      Yeah. I do agree with you. We can use our worries as a tool to become strong warrior who never gets defended on the battlefield of life.

    • jarcher54

      PS Welcome to MPS. Your contributions are very appreciated. You are serious, show an attention to both meaning and craft. I like them very much!

      • shruti14

        Thank you for the lovely words.

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