Is honesty the best policy in a cruel world?


Amidst a world so cruel and wild,

Does honesty truly wear a smile?

I ponder, as emotions sway,

To bare one's soul in the light of day.


For honesty's path is fraught with fear,

Revealing vulnerabilities dear,

To those who might, with hearts unkind,

Play games and rend the soul connected.


To open up and freely share,

Invites the chance for hearts to tear,

To wound the gentle rhythms of the heart,

And let despair's shadows begin.


Mental health, a precious state,

Exposed to those who work in hate,

Honesty's gift, a double-edged art,

That may shatter love's fragile heart.


In truth's pure art, we gain insight,

The lesson's blade cuts day and night.

The world, a harsh and heartless place,

Where kindness falters, lost in the maze.


So should we speak with honesty breath,

Or do masks guard against the depth?

In hearts joyful, the answer lies,

To walk with care and love the prize.


For honesty, a jewel so rare,

Can spark compassion and love to bear?

Amidst the world's cruel grasp we stay,

Embracing kindness, come what may.

  • Author: shruti14 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 31st, 2023 23:16
  • Comment from author about the poem: Often people around me make me think about whether I should be kind to others or to be cruel to others. During my childhood days, I was kind to each person around me but as I grew up, I felt that kindness means harm to yourself because people do take advantage of your nature. So maybe sometimes I do feel that it's better not to feel any compassion toward other people and just mind my own business.
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Bella Shepard

    In a world that grows more cold and impersonal every day, this poem's lament strikes at the heart of our vulnerabilities. Wonderful insight my friend!

    • shruti14

      Thank you for your appreciation. It means a lot to me.

    • Parisab

      It’s so good that you’re growing more kind, since niceness means always putting others first at a cost to you-heartfelt write…

      • shruti14

        Thank you for your appreciation.

      • jarcher54

        I really appreciate the sincerity of your poems. Walking us like a kind guide through your thoughts. The older I get the more gentle, generous, and forgiving I become. To make up for my impetuous youth maybe, and to soften the edges ever so slightly of a world that can be cold and cruel.

        • shruti14

          Thank you so much for appreciating me. It means a lot to me.

        • Soman Ragavan

          My comments on the poem "Is honesty the best policy in a cruel world ?” by shruti14
          The poetess questions the wisdom of showing honesty in a world that probably cannot be trusted. Thus, giving away one’s true feelings might be dangerous. In telling all about us we are exposing ourselves to danger : others might exploit us or even endanger us. Saying all without restraint might be courting danger. Honesty cuts both ways : it is something noble but might also turn against our interests or even our security.
          “The world, a harsh and heartless place…” The poetess fears that the world might lash back against those who took the risk to bare all. Should we resort to honesty or is it safer to wear masks to protect ourselves from those who might do us harm ? The poetess questions whether it is worth it to trust honesty blindly.
          Though we are prisoners of this world so cruel and dangerous, we should not give up kindness. Soman Ragavan. 12 August, 2023. //

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