Chasing Dreams: India's Unifying Odyssey


Amidst history's echo, let verses unfold;

A journey of unity, a tale to be told.


Ode to a land where prophets once trod,

A symphony of cultures, harmoniously spread.


From Buddha's wisdom to Krishna's embrace,

Chapters of grace interwoven, grace embraced.


Ram's valour and Shankar's mystic trance,

Foundations of faith, rhythms they dance.


Abdul Kalam's flight, soaring desire,

Bhagat Singh's might, hearts set on fire.


Aryabhata's gaze, stars' secrets unfold,

Ashok's peace in old memories hold.


Akbar's wisdom, Chandragupta's reign,

Echoes of legacy, both sustain.


Chanakya's wisdom, untold strategies,

Chishti's teachings, moulding hearts' energies.


Vivekanand's fire, guiding our way,

Through night and day, come what may.


A land where voices once found their choice,

Now sinister forces seek to stifle the voice.


But we, united, rise above the fray,

Igniting the love that lights our way.


Crafting destiny, hand in hand we stand,

A future enriched by our united hand.


In a realm where peace and brotherhood bloom,

Rooted in hearts, casting off gloom.


Education's torch, held high in the skies,

Empowering minds to ever-higher highs.


Marching towards progress, stride by stride,

Hand in hand, denial defied.


A vision, where brilliance, like a beacon, gleams,

A nation's aspirations, dreams within dreams.


Poverty yields to compassion's command,

Progress paints landscapes, stretching the land.


Youth, innovating with vibrant grace,

On global stages, leaving a trace.


Noble prizes shine on India's stage,

Talents illuminate, wisdom engages.


Science and spirit, intertwined they shine,

Guiding our quest, a sacred design.


Virtues endure, honesty, respect,

In every heart, their spirit perfect.


A land where dreams converge and blend,

Destinies unite, on journeys with no end.


With native grace, this tale takes flight,

In poetic cadence, shining bright.


From North to South, East to West,

A history woven, India's best.


United we stand, facing the test,

Hand in hand, adversity we wrest.


India, ancient soul, past and future unite,

In harmony's dance, like day and night.


Ancient wisdom intertwines, divine,

With science's marvels, a shared design.


In each heart, a beacon aglow,

Yearning for peace and love to flow.


Unity's chorus swells, then soars,

Across the land, its resonance roars.


Discord quelled, harmony restored,

In embracing unity, hatred is ignored.


Progress and virtue, a dance so true,

Leaders rise from every hue.


A vision of beauty, harmony's call,

Igniting spirits, uplifting all.


Every word, every line, a creation divine,

Crafting a narrative that intertwines.


In these verses' embrace, may India find,

Unity's vision, in hearts aligned.


As we celebrate, hearts aglow,

With humility, unity's strength we show.


Independence Day's gentle call,

To rise, stand tall, united enthral.


Moulding dreams, forefathers' goal,

An anthem of unity and love, we extol.


This poem, a voyage, echoing wide,

India's stride, its spirit, its pride.


A masterpiece of strength and light,

Guiding our path, through day and night.


Let it traverse the nation, far and wide,

In every heart, India's unity resides.

  • Author: SHAHNAWAZ AHMAD ANSARI (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 15th, 2023 04:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: "Celebrating India's Unifying Odyssey," this poem traces the nation's history through unity and diversity. It paints a vivid picture of India's cultural tapestry, woven with the wisdom of prophets and the grace of historical figures. The verses speak of unity's enduring anthem, echoing from North to South, East to West. Through challenges and sinister forces, the call to rise above and ignite love resonates strongly. The poem envisions a future where education and progress shine as beacons, empowering minds and transcending borders. It captures the essence of a land where dreams converge, destinies unite, and virtues endure. India's ancient wisdom and modern achievements entwine, paving the way for harmony and shared aspirations. As the poem unfolds, it encapsulates the chorus of unity that soars and roars across the land. It quells discord and restores harmony, embracing unity over hatred. The dance of progress and virtue becomes a roadmap, leading leaders from all walks of life. In every word and line, a divine creation emerges, aligning with India's vision of unity. The verses' embrace brings forth a clear vision, a call for unity to unite hearts and minds. As Independence Day is celebrated, the poem resonates as a gentle reminder to rise, stand tall, and embody unity's strength. It encapsulates the dreams of forefathers, an anthem of unity and love that echoes in the nation's core. This poem is a voyage that echoes wide, reflecting India's stride, spirit, and pride. It stands as a testament to strength and light, guiding the nation's path through challenges and victories. As it traverses the nation, far and wide, it takes root in every heart, embodying the unity that defines India's identity.
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