Human Psyche


I grasp,

I learn,

Yes that is what I yearn,

About our Psyche,


So exciting am I right ?


To understand the mind,

To study its myths,

Is to reveal its secrets,

Lift the mist,


The curtain of unknowing,

Was not there to conceal,

It was there to hide,

It’s grotesque appeal,


Rotten brains filled with maggots,

In the veins, black blood,

Degenerate piece,

Keep simplifying, Keep being unjust,


Why is it so,

That when we process,

We look through a keyhole,



Our vision is skewed,

Worms chewing the iris,

Blood fills the pupil,

We can’t trust, what we see


It is a fraction of what is,

Which is then further butchered,

When we select the Information,

For further inspection


Thank you creator, for divine justice

We must be unjust

Just to exist

Tell me, is that just ?


A myriad of horrors,

Stenches from the mind,

Reeking of shortcuts

This ingenious „mind“


We keep using shortcuts,

We have to, we must,

We don’t have the power,

To analyse everything at once,


We use heuristics to get,

What is we crave,

Like a bloodthirsty animal,

We’re nothing but slaves


We judge other people,

By the little we can comprehend,

Take a situation out of context,

And it gets out of hands,


Woke or conservative,

None understand,

We function the same,

We simplify, we NEVER comprehend.


Love for one group,

Necessitates hate for another,

There is no In-Group Love,

Without hate for the others


Everyone thinks they’re entitled,

To have the view that is right

But we’re all so fundamentally FUCKED

Nothing is ever RIGHT


We love to take shortcuts,

Or insanity awaits,

Perhaps insanity is better,

To kill our gory FUCKING brains,


A billion fucking years,

EVERYTHING together,

Couldn’t add up

To some SHIT that is FUCKING better ?


I want to go back,

To the days of not knowing,

But I’ve opened the Box,

There is no returning


I yearned for knowledge,

But now I grasp,

Upon the stupidity of our Psyche


What I’ve learned should’ve stayed untouched


  • Author: PurpleGlasses (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 18th, 2023 09:07
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is about what I’ve learned and experienced about how we process information from my Psychology Courses. If your interested here are the keywords. Social Psychology Limited processing capabilities Automatic and Controlled Processess Heuristics
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Bellbell_060609

    WOW! I really enjoyed this poem. It's so cool how all the words just flow together. Well done!

  • Michaelpoet

    Terrific writing

  • moonhoney

    I can feel your frustration and the madness you must feel. very sad but very true

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