I need your love


Like an addict needs drugs 

And how violence fuels thugs 

When my lungs scream to breathe in fresh air 

When my broken heart's beat

Leaves my soul incomplete 

Til I pluck up the courage to share 

Like the stars need the sky

To reflect in your eye

It can make me all fuzzy inside 

It's a magical thing

If you're wearing my ring 

When we walk hand in hand side by side 

When we touch I explore 

It's like you cracked the code 

And can now pluck the strings of my heart 

I can't think for myself 

My emotions and health 

Seen to suffer when we have to part 

Like my blood needs a vein 

Or the flowers need rain 

Be my anchor when push comes to shove 

The sun's need is to shine 

And I guess you know mine 

My one need in this life is your love

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  • LIZ

    This is such a powerful declaration of love! "It's a magical thing, if you're wearing my ring"- I had to fan myself when I read this line! "Like my blood needs a vein Or the flowers need rain"! Mmmmmm I love it! ALL OR NOTHING! ❤️

    • peto

      I really appreciate that LIZ
      Comments such as this make me want to keep posting
      I am extremely grateful and moved by such support
      Many thanks

      • LIZ

        😭😭😭 please continue to post! It's beautiful!

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      • Christina8

        all I know is it's a lucky gal you wrote this about. It seems like your poetry gets better and better! The last line says it all! I also had to fan myself when reading certain lines of this poem....MORE please!! x

      • peto

        You really do give me a lift with such kindness
        Couldn't do it without such encouragement
        Many thanks dear poetess x

      • buzzybee4you

        Wow. This poem is a masterpiece! Keep them coming!

        • peto

          Thank you very much bee
          Truly appreciate such a comment
          Much obliged

        • lenore_inNeverland

          People fall in love with other people.
          I fell in love with the words
          Peto you are AMAZING!!!

          • peto

            That is a lovely comment
            I truly appreciate your support and friendship
            Many thanks

          • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

            Some very lovely words in this writing 🙂 love the mention of the sun and rain .. the star needs the sky ( sometimes another can make us feel more ‘complete ‘ and we can feel wrong without them ..

            I like your poem )

            • peto

              Thanks very much Violet
              So good to see you here
              Appreciate your time and friendship
              Support and encouragement
              Glad you like this write

            • Bella Shepard

              I had to read this poem aloud for the beauty of its rhyme and cadence. Such an outpouring of love, all consuming and quite breathtaking. A Master Class in Romantic Poetry!

              • peto

                Ah Bella
                Your comments are so uplifting and inspiring
                And of course very much appreciated
                Very grateful to you
                Many thanks

              • Introverted Sage

                A love that is addicting..
                I hope your match is equally addicted!
                Nice write!

                • peto

                  Can only imagine at that
                  Needing and having are two different things
                  I really appreciate your input
                  Always enjoy your writing and comments
                  Many thanks

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