What we hear


Sitting here as I think and write words with meaning.
Tapping pens metaphorically; inside my head are jumbled thoughts.
Words leaping away in secret.
I search for meaning, for some kind of resonance but I still feel stuck from the beginning. I lie to stay awake, wisdom overcomes the brave.
I sit still, listening for silence. I'm deaf now, nothingness surrounds me, envelopes me. It's warm here.
I'm scared of the silence.

What We Hear.
Here. Where, Exactly, Is Here?
Fear. I Feel Fear.
Her, I Remember Her & Me.
Finality. I Sense, Finality.
Reality, Where Is This?
This, Here. Here, Is Some Post Apocalyptic Paradise.
Nice, It's Nice Here. I'm Comfortably Cold.
Weird. Very Weird.
"Void Of Nonsense", Now Seen. Why Do I Know What U R? I Ask The Void.
Tempted, 2 Do Nothing But Stay Hypnotized By This Dreamland.
Sound. Sounds. Think: What We Hear.
What We Hear.

What we hear can change our life,
We can follow bad advise and be surrounded with strife,
We can follow the crowd just to fit in,
Which can lead to heartache and sin,
OR, we can follow the Lord and be set free,
Fall into daily prayer down on our knees,
Free will is a gift from the Lord,giving us choice in all things,
It is up to us if our choice consists of love, or if hard times brings,
What we hear can and will influence our decision making,
I choose to hear the Lord's word and follow the ONE TRUE KING!!

But our ears, they are people pleasers
Hearing only what they want
A sly friend, with a mind of their own
A friend we still choose to keep
For brains are keepers
Of the souls that are ripped to shreds
We make mistakes
But we are human and we still listen
We make them all over again.

Hear my thoughts surround myself
Hear my thoughts drown myself
Lessons I learn but they never stay
Now I just hear stories nothing to say
Moments pass with more voices to hear
Tell myself to keep my head clear
Tongue is tied I no longer speak
May she find what she is out to seek
Life is a bliss but it's not fair
Her voice is now what I hear


  • jcnillepoetics

    To the trees, it sounds like air,
    While the wind shouts its heavy voice over them,
    They sit in wander,
    Calming their thoughts,
    With the displacement of their leaves,
    With their strong roots, they fought
    The heavy burdens of the wind.
    Now it is their win.

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