What I Don't Want


What I don't want is for you,
to follow me,
because I can't,
give you what you need.
If you think,
that I can always,
be there for you,
then you are mistaken indeed.
What I don't want,
is for you,
to have high expectations,
of what our lives will be.
I would love it,
if we could be forever,
together having a picnic,
under a tree.
There is alot of things,
that I can tell you,
what I don't want next,
... but to sum it up,
in one sentence...
I just want to have sex.

Sex has two outcomes, pregnancy we can avoid,
But the spiritual realities are never unemployed.
So if sex is what your after be wise with whom you choose.
The part you thought you needed might leave one of you bruised.

What I don't want is to hear you whisper
"I love you forever"
It was just a good feeling, at tender moment
of pleasure.
Sometimes pleasure doesn't give us the things we need most
Because after the tender moment is gone, we
feel like burnt toast

  • Authors: Dion P. Crown (Pseudonym), Valiantstar , Dove
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  • Published: September 13th, 2023 13:33
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