Bug Vz. Virus

Jerry Wayne Lawrence

Puss: C & Shrug.
Jugg: Dreams Or Nightmares, Who Cares?
Gripes & Rumours: The Right, Worldwide, Solutions.
Talks Of How GOD Will Never Stop Loving The Devil.
Evil Is Trouble, All Is A Stupid Lie.
Why Try When I've Already Failed?
Jailed, With Jesus Christ, Just Having Fun.
Gun? What Is A Nuclear Gun? The Utopia Only Knows 2 Bless: Bug Vz. Virus.

Shroud: Unveiled Mysteries, Silent Prayers,
Whispers Entwining Through Cosmic Layers.
Revelation In Chaos, The Sinners Find Mercy,
A Dance of Shadows, Where Angels and Demons Swerve, See.
Reality Crumbles, A Paradox Anew,
Where Virtue and Vices Are Just Points of View.
In the Abyss, We Find a Sliver of Sun,
In The Dystopia, We Behold, The Unity: Ghost Vz. Nun.

  • Authors: Broken Ankh (Pseudonym), GeekSusie
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  • Finished: September 20th, 2023 20:29
  • Limit: 1 day
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  • Comment from author about the poem: This 1 Could B Just That Easy, Any So Interested.
  • Category: Religion
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