A woman's body


A womans body is a thing of beauty and is never to be used,
A womans body should be cherished not disrespected or abused,
A womans body is more than just an object or play thing,
She is a mother, a wife, she can be anything,
Respect her and truly love her, never use and abuse,
Be gentle with your hand, and never light her fuse,
If you mess with her, she can be the worst kind of storm,
She will put you under her foot as if you were a lowly worm,
But treat her kindly and she will love you for the rest of all time,
A womans body is priceless and truly sublime.

A woman's body is like a flower bed
To be watered and to be taken care of
A woman's body is like a couch
To be well furnished and to be sprayed with perfumes
A woman's body is like springs of water
To be taken care of for continuous springs
A woman's body is like an incubator
That gives warmth and life to chicks

A woman's body is her temple,
Not an object for rental.
Why society sees her as a target,
I shall never know I wish I could stop it.
The girls and women who get used,
It leaves them so confused.
Why are the men amused?
Don't touch me there,
Stop being unfair.
Don't use that flattery,
When you'll end this night with a charge of assault and battery.
I'm not an object to be checked.
I'm a person to be respected.

A woman's body, seductive.
With its curves and many treats,
A woman's body, dangerous, a magnet to the feet.
So be careful how you use it, it has power bar one.
To escape from it clutches you really need the son.
It truly can be delicious if handled with loving care,
Like a peach ripe for the eating,
I better stop right there.

A womans body needs just the right touch,
To come alive,and feel so much,
You men want to know the right place,
It might surprise you,it's not a secret place,
It isn't her body,it's not her mind,
It's her heart, be loving and kind,
Not many people know this but if you pay attention you will see,
She will feel alive for the first time and truly feel free

Now we speak of Spirit,
That's a different part.
A tender hearted lover from this we have our art.

Ohh, a certain one, KP by name
What can I say in this fusion poem
Without ruining it?
I can only speak of trouts - old ones
And various botox treatments!
Noto to self: Do shut up Orchi
Why did you even turn up here?! lol.

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