The Care Fairies.

David Wakeling

My Father and Mother are dead and I don’t need to care,
My Auntie is dead and I don’t need to care.
When I was little and I felt deeply about something,
My Mother told me,
That the Care fairies would come.
The Care Fairies would surround my heart and protect it..

My girlfriend abandoned me with a note,
The note said  I needed to have more confidence.
I married the next girl who said yes.
She tortured me and turned my life into misery.
The Care Fairies came but it was too late.

This world is filled with heart ache
It is difficult to keep on caring.
I will be dead soon and I really  don’t know how to care.


  • Soman Ragavan

    My comments on the poem "The care fairies” by David Wakeling
    “Care fairies” are stuff we invent to console ourselves and others.
    Your girlfriend left you; the next one was no better. In fact, she was worse. You were hoping to get something better.
    “Second marriage : the triumph of hope over experience.” --Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
    We string ourselves along from hope to hope.
    After trying for a lifetime to care, we still can’t succeed.
    Soman Ragavan. 17 September, 2023 .//

    • David Wakeling

      Thank you for commenting.Much appreciated

    • Tiresias

      You could listen to a little Leonard Cohen. Songs like 'Everybody Knows' and 'The Future'. I found him a comfort - a Care Fairy sort of man. He always shares his love and irony with us about how we become victims. A nice Jewish fella. Listening to Pink Floyd from 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn' to 'The Wall' says a lot about this as well, and culturally about how the Governments vampirised the sixties youth and stole their optimism.

      • David Wakeling

        I love leonard cohen.Thanks for commenting

      • Soman Ragavan

        On the comment by Narash Machacino
        In Pink Floyd’s song “The wall” says he “is just another brick in the wall.”
        That is how we feel quite often. We are not seen as individuals; our respective identities are not recognized. However, poets wield tremendous power. Through their writings they propel themselves into immortality.
        "Poetry thus makes immortal all that is best and most beautiful in the world.....
        Poetry redeems from decay the visitations of the divinity in man."
        --P. B. Shelley (1792-1822) : “A defence of poetry.”
        “On Théophile GAUTHIER (1811-1872). In a world in which everything is impermanent, the poet, by rearranging reality into art, can create something that will have more permanent value. ...... Art can thus provide the poet with a solace for his mortality while he is alive and the hope of immortality in death.” "TWELVE FRENCH POETS. 1820-1900. AN ANTHOLOGY OF 19TH CENTURY FRENCH POETRY." London : Longmans, Green and Co., 1957. (Third impression, 1959). (With an Introduction and Notes by Douglas Parmée).

        "(.....) Poets are immortal, they take us to the frontier of the infinite,says at the very beginning James Burty David. For him, we must not think that the imaginary is disorderly, for even in this apparent disorder, there is a structured language." "De la difficulté à faire rimer poésie et identité." "WEEK-END" newspaper, Mauritius, 6 July, 1997, (page 33).
        Full acknowledgements are made to the authors, publishers and rights-holders.
        Sites like “” enable us poets to join together and share our views with other people. On sites like these you can come across extraordinary poems that you don’t find in regular poetry books in which students study at colleges. See the poem “The Lighthouse Watchkeep and the White Witches of Kiama” by David Wakeling and my comments on it. Soman Ragavan. 17 September, 2023. //

        • David Wakeling

          Thank you for your insight.Always an intelligent comment

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