Sure I'm Not The Only One (Ethereal)


I'm willing them to stay away
Devils will never enter me
Of course I like to go out and have fun
Doesn't mean at times thoughts don't weight a ton
Let the water wash over and pray
Believe mental health is linked to spirituality
This is the truth and I'll tell it to you candidly
Eyes are open but the ethereal parts really see
I question where the scientists say we come from
If you really think we came from apes then I'm done
When the final gun shoots I won't run
Sure I'm not the only one

  • Author: Shaunmatthewcpoetry (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 17th, 2023 00:54
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  • 2781

    Well written son.

  • orchidee

    I'm no exorcist (!) but often the demons can get in if we 'dabble' with things such as seances, ouija boards, etc. Even if we're really 'into' the zodiac or fortune-telling.
    Though 'what the stars say', Aquarius, Pisces, etc can be bunkum!
    Best to stay with things of the 'light'.

    • Shaunmatthewcpoetry

      I honestly think they can mess with us if we become weak too, I know it sounds crazy.

      • orchidee

        I think it depends if we're drawn to such things, if we're 'weak' in that way - maybe turning to magic, seances, etc.
        There's two opposites, it's said, both of which are extremes - one is to see demons in everything, and one is to brush it all away and say they're non-existent.
        I don't think they will bother folk unless they're 'into' things, thick and deep into dark things.

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