Without Words



I know not where I'm going 

but I know just where I've been 


the road ahead not knowing

future can't be seen 


a heart that beats is a heart alive 

i'm grateful to have mine 


eyes that see the good in others 

a soul that’s pure and kind 


a poetess without a mother 

she lost along the way 


a thing that is worth knowing

they did not get to say


things that were important 

things within their hearts 


things of grace and gratitude 

time played its wicked part 


so now a poetess is lost

at least sometimes she feels


guilt of never knowing

her mums last words...


 she'll never heal.


  • aDarkerMind

    that's life indeed Teddy;
    a most beautiful and sad poem from the heart.
    very touching;

    • Teddy.15

      So very kind did you notice my rhyne lol 🤣 hey Melvin a huge hug my friend. I know this rings bells my friend. 💖

    • 2781

      It's a good reminder to say what we need to say, and not like me delay, x.

      • Teddy.15

        Indeed, say it say it all always, I'll never get that back but I am not the only one and I know that she knew. But of course if I had that chance just to say I would have. Thank you so much so very kind of you to pass by. 💖

      • Maxine Smith

        It’s so moving Teddy, pulls at the old heart strings.

        I am taking such advice myself, I used to keep all locked away. No I will say it, so too much of it but better out than in. You never know what’s round the corner, so say it all.


        • Teddy.15

          Thank you for your compassion dear Maxine, it's never too late until it is. ❤️

          • Maxine Smith


          • BlessedbyGod

            So beautiful Teddy,😥😥
            It breaks my heart knowing how and this happened and at the most happiestvtime in your life too,
            You will have healing my dear,
            She knows how you felt about her and knows how much you love her,
            She and your brother are so proud of you Teddy,and it's never too late to tell her how you feel,

            When you're alone and thinking about her, do you ever feel a gentle breeze kiss you skin or see a beautiful butterfly or little bird at the exact time your thinking about her,
            Those times was her letting you know that she is with u always and loves you so much,
            She can still hear u Teddy, tell her how u feel, tell her those words left unsaid

            Love always Melissa

            • Teddy.15

              Thank you my dearest Melissa, I wrote this just this morning you actually inspired it. I'm not sure it will ever be comfortable writing like this but I'm pushing my own boundaries doing it and this feels so good. Your compassion and empathy are truly noted and I am so grateful for your friendship. ❤️ a huge thanks to you for this.

              • BlessedbyGod

                The pieces of poetry that are the most meaningful, in my experience, are the ones that truly come from the heart and the emotion behind them come across so strongly, like this piece, the emotion that the reader feels is incredibly strong and can feel you pain and regret for not saying everything u wanted to at the time,
                Don't let fear or regret ever hold you back Teddy, you are a beautiful writer a beautiful woman and an exceptionally beautiful soul, I truly feel blessed to have u in my life and to call you a friend,I thank God for you

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              • sorenbarrett

                Sad but so commonly true. Well expressed in words of softness and care.

                • Teddy.15

                  Isn't it a common thing! I often tell my friends to give every last hug to their mums when they can but they mostly think I'm over reacting lol 🤣 I'm sure they all do though. 💖 tha k you so much for coming by today.

                • Bella Shepard

                  Your pic is of wordless paper, but I also see the ornate filagree that surrounds that space, feelings of love that were always there if perhaps, some things were never said. You speak from the heart dear Teddy, it's a beautiful thing!

                  • Teddy.15

                    Thank you my dear Bella, I'm way out of my comfort zone on this one I do like to save some of my heart hidden between my words however today I let go. I'm glad I did even just to receive such kindness means the world. Thank you always for your compassion and empathy 💖

                  • spilleronsheet

                    Such beautiful words and those emotions that were lessons untold….regret shall be the last season that I wish to witness further….but about our loved ones, I am truly they are within us…so is your mother, tell her within your oneself and say it every time what you always wanted to say…cause your a reflection of her….I shall imbibe your words and shall myself reflect upon it…thanks for such dear words dearest teddy

                    • Teddy.15

                      Dearest Spilla, it's not often I find myself writing like this and I thank you so very much for coming by with your golden heart to leave such beautiful words. Thank you darling 💖

                      • spilleronsheet

                        Always there dearest teddy

                      • Christina8

                        Oh, wow this is most touching....a wonderful poem! sad ending but I feel it was cathartic for you? Great job!

                        • Teddy.15

                          Thank you dearest Cristina, I wasn't sure about this but all these lovely reviews makes it worth the share. So lovely to see you. 💖

                        • LIZ

                          Teddy, one of my favorite quotes: "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be". I feel like this describes this perfectly!! Thank you!!! 💖💖

                          • Teddy.15

                            Hello my dear Liz, I certainly feel I am where I am supposed to be, as much as we can write our hearts on our paper this will never change for me, but sharing could possibly change things for others, I am so very grateful for your words dearest Liz thank you. Maybe one day I'll turn this into a song. 💓

                            • LIZ

                              Ohhhh YES!!!! And I will be singing my heart away!!!! 💖

                            • L. B. Mek

                              Just one more Angel
                              traversing life by your side
                              oh most Treasured poetess..
                              those that gift the world Hope
                              while carrying/hiding/supressing
                              their own broken hearts
                              are the most Precious of us all
                              like you, my Friend
                              'stay' Brave, cherish Life
                              try to heal those deep wounds
                              let go of those last words, you missed
                              instead, begin a whole new conversation
                              with her
                              a conversation that will last
                              till your very last breath, till
                              you're reunited with her
                              in that promised eternity
                              beyond that 6ft divide...

                              • Teddy.15

                                ❤️ thank you from the very bottom of my heart my dearest MeK. It's too late to regret, it was neither of our faults she died while she was caring for others and she went very peacefully. 💖 I am so grateful for that. 💖

                              • Pop64

                                We so often regret not saying what was in our hearts until it's much too late. I suffered the same with my mother. The rhyme and read, both, are excellent and offer a reminiscent time to this reader.

                                • Teddy.15

                                  Dearest pop64, I was way out of my comfort zone on rhyme and subject as I am truly overwhelmed with all the wonderful reviews including yours. Thank you so much 💖

                                • Neville

                                  I am quite at a loss for them too ❤️

                                  • Teddy.15

                                    That says it all lol 🤣 ❤️ thank you my dear Nev. 💖

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