Save the World

Akshaj Keshav



11 year old


In a world of chaos and despair so wide,

Where nature's beauty starts to slowly slide,

A call resounds for all to hear and see,

To join hands now and set our planet free.


Beneath the azure skies so vast and high,

A plea arises, reaching for the sky,

To save the world, our sacred home so dear,

We must unite, dispelling every fear.


From towering mountains to the oceans deep,

The promises we made, we must now keep,

For every living being, great and small,

We pledge to cherish, protect them all.


With every sunrise, there's a chance to mend,

To heal the wounds that time cannot defend,

To safeguard forests, rivers, creatures rare,

And breathe fresh life into the dying air.


The whisper of the wind through ancient trees,

Reminds us all of our shared destinies,

To be stewards of this fragile spinning sphere,

To leave a legacy that future hearts will cheer.


Let's harness sunlight, wind, and waters' might,

To fuel our world, so we can all take flight,

On wings of innovation, let us soar,

Towards a future we've not seen before.


With sustainable practices in hand,

We'll heal the scars that mar our precious land,

Recycling, reducing, reusing too,

Each small act counts, and it's up to me and you.


The creatures of the deep, the birds that fly,

Depend on us, their champions, oh so high,

To shield them from the darkness closing in,

And let their vibrant colors brightly spin.


In unity, our strength will surely grow,

Together, we can change the ebbing flow,

From degradation to a world restored,

A testament to what we all ignored.


Let every voice resound in harmony,

A chorus for a world that's wild and free,

We'll save the world, and in its grace we'll bask,

For this dear planet is a precious task.


So let us rise with purpose, hearts aflame,

And etch our names beside each noble aim,

To save the world, our mission clearly laid,

In every word and action, we'll cascade.


With hope, determination as our guide,

We'll write this tale, our legacy, with pride,

A world reborn, where life forever thrives,

For generations yet, our dream survives.


In the meadows where wildflowers bloom so bright,

We'll nurture life, restore the waning light,

For in the tiniest of creatures we find,

A world interconnected, loving and kind.


Beneath the ocean's depths, a world unknown,

With mysteries and beauty we must own,

To safeguard coral reefs and whales that sing,

For they are part of life's grand, harmonious string.


In cities tall, where neon lights shine bright,

We'll seek solutions in the darkest night,

To reduce pollution, traffic's noisy drone,

Creating urban havens where green is sown.


In deserts vast, where life persists with grace,

We'll find ways to sustain in that arid space,

For every ecosystem, large or small,

Deserves protection, one and all.


Through education, let us spread the word,

For knowledge is a gift that must be heard,

To teach the generations yet to come,

To live in harmony, as one.


In solar panels gleaming 'neath the sun,

In wind farms spinning, our battle's won,

To harness nature's gifts and wisely use,

The energy that Mother Earth lets loose.


From governments to individuals, we plea,

To prioritize the planet's destiny,

With policies and choices, let us steer,

Towards a future where all life can cheer.


The time is now, no moment left to spare,

To show the world how much we truly care,

In unity and love, we'll make amends,

And save the world, our home, for future friends.


  • Author: Akshaj Keshav (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 17th, 2023 06:04
  • Comment from author about the poem: The poem I created on saving the world is a moving piece that highlights the urgency of taking action to protect our planet. It speaks of the beauty of nature and the devastating impact humans have had on it. The poem emphasizes the need for individuals to take responsibility for their actions and make changes in their daily lives to help preserve the environment. It advocates for a collective effort towards sustainability and a shared goal of creating a better future for the world. Overall, the poem is a powerful call to action that inspires hope and encourages us to work towards a more sustainable future.
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