Burn Them All (Story)


In the small village of Ashbourne, nestled between the towering mountains and lush valleys, a deep darkness began to take hold. It started with whispers in the wind, as if the very air carried a sinister secret. The villagers, unaware of the impending danger, went about their daily lives, oblivious to the growing shadows that loomed over them.

One fateful day, a mysterious figure emerged from the depths of the forest surrounding the village. Dressed in flowing black robes, his face hidden beneath a hood, he exuded an aura of malevolence. The villagers watched in awe as he approached, his every step leaving a trail of darkness behind.

The figure, known only as The Sear, possessed a power that surpassed comprehension. With a wave of his hand, flames erupted from the ground, incinerating everything in their path. As the village burned, panic spread like wildfire among the villagers. They raced through the streets, desperate for escape, unaware of the wicked smile The Sear wore beneath his hood.

As the flames consumed homes and livelihoods, the villagers began to suspect there was more to this tragedy than mere accident. Stories circulated of people who had crossed paths with The Sear, stories that spoke of his insatiable thirst for destruction. Fear held the village captive; they knew they had to act before their entire world burned to ashes.

A young boy named Caleb, orphaned by the flames that consumed his family's home, vowed to find the source of this evil and put an end to it. Guided by determination, he delved deep into the charred remnants of his former village, searching for the truth.

In his quest, Caleb discovered an ancient book hidden in the ruins of the village library. It contained the accounts of a time long forgotten, when a previous incarnation of The Sear had spread devastation across the land. The book spoke of a prophecy that foretold a final confrontation between light and darkness, one that could only be decided by a chosen one who possessed the power of redemption.

With newfound hope, Caleb sought out a wise sage who had taken refuge in the outskirts of Ashbourne. The sage, named Elara, had spent her life studying the ancient writings, and she revealed to Caleb the secret behind The Sear's power.

The Sear drew his strength from the darkness that resided within the hearts of the villagers. The more fear and hatred they felt, the stronger he became. Caleb realized that to defeat The Sear, the villagers needed to embrace compassion and unity. They had to banish the darkness from within themselves and stand together against the encroaching flames.

Caleb inspired the shell-shocked villagers, reminding them of their inherent strength and goodness. Slowly but surely, the walls of fear crumbled, replaced by a newfound sense of unity. Each person vowed to extinguish the darkness within and rebuild the village, brick by brick.

As the flames of destruction flickered, The Sear's power waned. His once unstoppable inferno began to dwindle until nothing remained but a dim ember. The villagers, once cowed before him, now surrounded The Sear, faces filled with determination.

Using an ancient ritual described in the book, Caleb stepped forward as the chosen one. With a white-hot, burning flame within his being, he summoned every ounce of goodness and light to confront The Sear. The two forces clashed, their powers clashing in an epic battle.

  • Author: Dove (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 17th, 2023 06:37
  • Category: Short story
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  • 2781

    The book has the answers.

  • Neville

    Gripping .. I trust this is the beginning of something .. ❤️x

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