Unity's Struggle: The American Dichotomy


In a land that's known for freedom's ring,

The walls are built, the divisions sting,

A nation torn, yet still we cling,

To dreams of unity, and what they may bring.


Two sides, two views, a widening gap,

A once united land, now trapped,

In a storm of words, where reason's sapped,

A bitter feud, with no time to adapt.


From Capitol Hill, the echoes resound,

Of a nation striving, yet bound,

By the scars of division, a common ground,

Seems lost, yet must be found.


Leaders strive, some voices sing,

Of hope and change, a new beginning,

Yet anger boils, resentments cling,

A time for healing, a distant thing.


We must remember the words, the dreams,

Of those who sought a united theme,

To break the chains, to build the bridge,

To heal the wounds, to mend the ridge.


For only together, hand in hand,

Can we truly heal this divided land,

Let us strive, let us seek,

A future bright, a future unique.


© Susie Stiles-Wolf


  • Author: GeekSusie (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 17th, 2023 07:28
  • Category: Sociopolitical
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  • 2781

    It's Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

  • Doggerel Dave

    Failed State?

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