The Epistles of My Nostalgia

Petrichor of Love

In the parchment of my memory's grand stage,

Where age-worn tales and scenes of yore engage,

The epistles of my nostalgia now emerge,

A chronicle of love, in Shakespearean surge.


The sun, a gilded orb in morning's grace,

Did paint the world with its radiant embrace,

As we, two souls, in youth's sweet symphony,

Found love's hallowed stage, a realm of unity.


Beneath the ancient oak's majestic boughs,

We exchanged our vows, beneath the sacred vows,

A solemn promise, forevermore to stay,

Our love, a bond that ne'er would fade away.


The river murmured secrets as it flowed,

A tale of love in its sweet current sowed,

In each gentle ripple, a memory's trace,

Of a passion that time's hand could ne'er erase.


Your laughter, melodious as a lark's sweet song,

In the garden, where we'd oft belong,

Amongst fragrant blooms in vibrant array,

Our love, a perfumed essence, holding sway.


The seasons waltzed, in a grand ballet,

Hand in hand, we'd tread love's path each day,

As autumn's golden leaves did softly rain,

Our love, like oaks, stood stalwart, free from stain.


Winter's frost could never chill our souls,

By the fireside, where love's warmth consoles,

Our hearts entwined in a tender embrace,

In the epistles of nostalgia's sacred place.


Through the years, as life's chapters did unfold,

In the sonnets of our love, a story told,

The tapestry of moments, finely spun,

A love, like Aphrodite's verse, forever won.


Now, the parchment's aged, the ink has gray’d,

But the love we shared has never once frayed,

In the epistles of my nostalgia's bardic song,

Our love endures, eternal and strong.


Though time may pass, and seasons may decay,

In the love-sonnets, our hearts forever sway,

The epistles of my nostalgia, so divine,

Proclaim a love, through Shakespeare's art, will shine.


In whispers of the wind and oak's embrace,

In the river's flow and love's timeless space,

Our love remains, an undying light,

In the epistles of my nostalgia's noble write.


  • Christina8

    What an extraordinary display of love!! i really enjoyed reading your rhymes!

    • Petrichor of Love

      Thank you Christina. I appreciate your comment 💕

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