An Online Car Sale Request


The Shotokan Muslimah is driving to work, which is a fact;

While driving, she sees a car owner getting shot by an evil man who's black.


The evil man had set up the victim through an online car sale request and that's no lie;

The ugly faggot is shooting the victim in his thigh.


The Shotokan Muslimah stops her car and gets out, which is true;

She points her gun at the son of a bitch and tells him to stop, which is a heroic thing to do.


When the ass-wipe sees the Shotokan Muslimah, he tries to shoot her;

The Shotokan Muslimah shoots the ass-wipe's gun out of his hand and here are other things that would occur.


The Shotokan Muslimah tells the dipshit to step away from the victim, which is wise as can be;

The dipshit does what the Shotokan Muslimah says and I'm speaking honestly.


The shitty punk tells the Shotokan Muslimah that she's not so tough without her gun;

To the Shotokan Muslimah, kicking the shitty punk's ass would be a lot of fun.


The Shotokan Muslimah puts her gun down and tells the bastard to attack her as fast as he can;

When the bastard tries to attack the Shotokan Muslimah, she kicks and knocks out the stupid ass man.


The Shotokan Muslimah comforts the victim and calls 9-1-1, which is bright;

The police arrive and arrest the crook and what I'm saying is right.


The EMTs also arrive and take the victim to a hospital, which is swell;

The Shotokan Muslimah picks up her gun and returns to her car and here's something else that I'll tell.


The Shotokan Muslimah drives away;

Hopefully, no one else will get set up through an online car sale request and that's all I have to say.

  • Author: hotidris (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 17th, 2023 12:19
  • Category: Short story
  • Views: 3


  • Parisab

    Cautionary tale, I love that she didn’t need a gun only and knew martial arts too

    • hotidris


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