Urban tragicomedy


My first steps were not welcome  in a world of masks and grimaces.

 Mercury child bored  in Saturny ,I quickly learned  elegant manners ...

 -'' Say hello  to the lady ,and don't put your fingers on the rose ! -''

-'' If you're a good boy ,Santa will bring you a suitable present ! -"

    -'' Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! ''-

The old donkey has kicked the holly bucket ,

    and easy going big ox in the box ...

-'' Darling ,for lunch I've prepared a stew of awakened bio-diversity ! ... Happy ?-''

    I feel like carnivorous veggy instincts ... enthousiastic Happy  septo climatic...

I became a brilliant mutistic, well adapted to the din of silence . the deal...

Aladdin lamp disconnected ,in the bin ...

Learning the basis of jargon to make me forget ...

In the light of a bohemian time ,reading monsieur Baudelaire,

flowers and  finishing carcasses.

Among you,healthy perfumed corpses ,

This one, anonymous in the pow pow ,

mercury kid  and Paris toujours Paris ...





  • Author: lorenz (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 18th, 2023 03:16
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • L. B. Mek

    (simply Brilliant dear Poet
    I'm sorry if my interpretation
    or understanding is mistaken
    but I couldn't help scribbling
    a little feeble reply
    thank you for sharing, inspiring)
    judgemental fingers and toes
    ignorance in their hearts
    herd mindset as their mind setting
    they lead us with blindfolded eyes
    expect us to follow their broken paths
    demand we copy and replicate their mistakes..
    then teach us, to love/trust blind
    because of their biological titles..
    a universe of limitless
    yet from our lullabies
    we learn to look up and see
    darkness, in our life's skies

    • Darkfragrance

      Your words clothes me (so close..) with the certainty of not being alone in a world of false pretences .

      • L. B. Mek

        nice to connect, a rare gift
        thank you! kind poet

      • Maxine Smith

        A great read ☺️

        • Darkfragrance

          A bit of life in a great bowl of self mockery !

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