Glass Bridge

Maxine Smith

Weighty limbs I drag

With effort and pain

To force myself out of bed

Cover all mirrors around

To shield me from

My crooked crown

Pull sleeves all the way

Down to my finger tips

Hiding my scars

From my mental slips

Sunglasses worn in the dark

To stop people


‘What’s wrong?’

‘Under your eyes

Puffy and dark’

Thoughts race faster

Than a G6

Medicated like it’s

A perfect fix

Something from within

I seek

To jump right off

A beauty peak

Absorb the forest

From beneath

As I walk along glass

With quivering feet

Curl toes around

The edge of fate

Roped tide ankles for

The fall of grace

Exhilarating breath

Of tears 

I jump

Inhibitions left on

The bridge of 


  • Author: Miss M S Smith (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 18th, 2023 04:46
  • Comment from author about the poem: I have only Liz to thank for inspiring me to write this. Her write ‘voice within’ just got the ink flowing. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Bungy is something that looks so beautiful yet unbelievably scary, if you could jump from this, then nothing can stop you.
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  • Neville

    having now read this twice, I get the distinct feeling that it comes from both your heart and your soul .. so very sadly enjoyed Max .. and no kidding .. Neville

    • Maxine Smith

      It does you are right.

      To be honest, shedding the words gives a pretty good sense of release.

      Thank you so much for reading Nev.

    • Teddy.15

      Yes I found this to be a bit dark in emotion and imagery glass being fragile but absolutely beautifully done. I've done a parachute jump solo but I'd never bungie I wouldn't trust the rope. Emotion rife in this. 💖

      • Maxine Smith

        I know I’m heavy on the darkness but I know it won’t be so dark forever.

        Thank you so much for stopping for a read Teddy, always welcome 😌

      • Darkfragrance

        I jumped in Queenstown (NZ).
        You don't have time to be afraid ,just 10 seconds in the big now..where ?

        • Maxine Smith

          Yeh 10 second rule.

          Thanks for the read

        • Pop64

          This speaks from deep within the author, with feelings that exist for many. While it can be construed as sad it is also inspirational, as to stand upon the glass bridge is a testament to strength, finding self and desiring to move forward. Beautiful writing.

          • Maxine Smith

            Michael you write such wonderful feedback. I’m glad you liked and very much appreciated you stopping by.

          • L. B. Mek

            Every morning, Every Twilight
            is/are a Bridge of sorts
            we swivel our legs out of bed, to step
            or hurry back home ,to rest
            each one, a bookend
            to our day
            each one, testimony
            to our survival/victory, our choice to fight!
            each one, a bridge
            we've safely crossed
            and titled
            a day in our life...
            (beautiful Poetry!
            thanking you and whoever inspired you, dear Poet)

            • Maxine Smith

              Wow such a warm review Mek, thank you so much for your visit, always appreciated.

            • Bobby O

              My crooked Crown
              Tied curled aroundThe edge of fate
              These are great lines that speak w a conviction
              You have talent and ideas and you put care into each piece.
              Thank you

              • Maxine Smith

                Such lovely words Bobby, thank you so much.

                • Bobby O

                  I don’t just throw compliments around. But this is a cool thing we do with these poems and I’m inspired when I see somebody hitting high levels it pushes me to try to up my game a little bit.

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                • orchidee

                  Yep, I jumped off that bridge as 'The Birdman'. then me wings brrookkkkkeee! Do ya hear me falling?! lol.

                  • BlessedbyGod

                    Haha I hope you're OK, 😄 🤣

                    • Maxine Smith

                      I don’t know, was you singing all the way down I wonder ??? 🤣🤣

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                    • BlessedbyGod

                      Beautiful sad and very inspiring Maxine, like I said I know the feeling, but the moment we step off that bridge trustingbin the rope ( God in my case) I truly felt free and scared, it was exhilarating,
                      Not knowing what was going to happen but just trusting that everything was going to be alright, And it is, I'm happier than I've ever been and free

                      • Maxine Smith

                        So glad you have found your happiness Melisa, we all deserve to table into some of that.

                        Thank you so much for reading lovely

                        • BlessedbyGod

                          Thank you for writing it

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                        • Jon Nakapalau

                          Wonderful poem!

                          • Maxine Smith

                            Thank you for stopping by Jon

                          • Introverted Sage

                            The imagery, title and vivid descriptions - along with the emotion and relatability make this such a great write!
                            Thanks for sharing

                            • Maxine Smith

                              Ah thanks Ruby, glad you liked ☺️

                            • Goldfinch60

                              Very emotive words Maxine, I hope the thought of jumping does not become reality and the light will shine in your darkness.


                              • Maxine Smith

                                It was more of the having courage to make the leap of faith. Bungy jumping off the glass bridge in China. Leaving all the darkness behind.

                                Thank you so much for your visit Andy

                              • peto

                                Of Maxine
                                What a write
                                Starts with you draggening weighty limbs from bed
                                Covering mirrors
                                Pulling sleeves down
                                Ends with a spectacular jump from the
                                "Bridge of fears "

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