Feign ignorance, Unravel bliss


Standing in front of a cracked glass creaking as it breaks the fragile wall of fortitude. A sweet, distinct melody clears my unsound mind. I remain unknown to this forthcoming disaster. Is ignorance truly bliss? I could run away but my tedious efforts might as well be in vain. Or I could stay and bask in the glory of tranquil benightedness. My idea of a grand ending is not to fear but to feel everything all at once. 


Heaven and hell are imagined lairs of the living. Where you depart after you are humbly diminished to dust is a place I would like to call -- 'bliss'. You prosper in a realm where you are reborn as your truest self. The wonders and tragedies of the monotonous world do not concern you any longer. You are granted a chance to relinquish the old and embrace the new. You are not alone; you are bound by a found family.


I haven't the faintest clue as to why people fear death. It is an inevitable, universal truth. Things are not born to last an eternity. They are born to leave behind a legacy unscathed for ages to come. Passionately cascading through life and gracefully accepting death. Isn't that a priceless luxury?


Reckoning it is the 'be all, end all' is a colossal misapprehension. It is alright if the universe collapses on itself; it is alright if the sun incinerates us to ashes; it is alright if the moon and the stars coalesce into collision; it is alright if the sky strikes the ground; it is alright if there is no shimmering dawn to the dimming dusk; it is alright if the world wreaks an apocalypse; it is alright if there is no tomorrow. The end is just another beginning. Isn't it? Realise.

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  • Published: September 18th, 2023 07:40
  • Comment from author about the poem: You might’ve heard of the phrase “Ignorance is bliss”. Well, I expressed that in terms of death. It seems dark when I put it that way but it’s actually quite refreshing😌 Meaning of the prose poem🌫✨ The imagery in the first stanza is something I’ve seen vividly in my head for the past few months. I contemplated what it could mean until I finally realised it. Ignorance being bliss, staying still sounds much better than futile attempts of escaping certain death. A true ending is one where you aren’t scared of anything, it’s one where your senses are so heightened that you feel everything. Heaven and hell is something we created because of our need of prize and punishment. I think you head to ‘bliss’ after death. In other words, a paradise far away from the busy world. You let go of the past and hold onto the future. You are surrounded by your family, whoever that may be. Now, doesn’t it sound ridiculous when we say we fear death? We aren’t here for a couple lifetimes. We only have one life and we use that to leave behind a meaningful legacy. Living life to the fullest and naturally accepting death is the best luxury of a choice that we, humans, are blessed with. Death is not the end of everything. It’s alright no matter how gruesomely the world ends. The end is also a beginning. Hope I made contemplating life and death more fun for you guys😂 No one should waste their time being afraid of death because it’s unavoidable. Just life your life your way❤️ If you could relate to this, share it with your friends and loved ones
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