The Fragrance of What Was

Petrichor of Love

Under thoughts' somber shroud , I wander lost,

Amongst shadows of the past, my heart is tossed,

The fragrance of what was, it haunts my soul,

In memories, I find my heart's dark hole.


Was it a dream, that love so sweet and true,

A fleeting touch, a kiss, a love that grew?

In moonlight's glow, we danced in pure delight,

Now, in the dark, I seek you in the night.


Do tears still fall from eyes that once did gleam,

Do you, like me, now chase an empty dream?

Does time erase the love we used to share,

Or does it linger, like a whispered prayer?

The stars above, they seem to mock my pain,

Asking questions I can never explain,

Why did you leave? Where did our love go?

Is there a way to mend what's torn, although?


I close my eyes and see your face so near,

Your laughter, touch, the way you used to peer,

Into my soul, as if you held the key,

To unlock all the love inside of me.


Do you still think of me when night descends?

Do you, like me, long for those long-lost friends?

Are you out there, lost in the same abyss,

Or have you found a love, a sweeter kiss?


The fragrance of what was, it lingers on,

A bittersweet reminder of love gone,

In shadows cast by memories, I dwell,

In the boy's imagination, I still can tell.


The moon, a pale and distant memory's muse,

Its silver light, like tears, begins to fuse,

With memories of our love's enchanting dance,

A fleeting moment caught in time's expanse.


The scent of roses, fragrant in the air,

Recalls the nights when you were everywhere,

Your presence filled the garden of my heart,

Now, only emptiness, tearing me apart.


Do you remember how we used to roam,

Through fields of wildflowers, we called our home?

The sunsets painted skies with shades of gold,

But now, my world is colorless and cold.


The fragrance of what was, a wistful sigh,

A love once vibrant, now a distant cry,

In every whisper of the evening breeze,

I hear your name, lost in the memories.


The river's gentle murmur as it flows,

Carries the echoes of our sweet repose,

In the embrace of nature's tender grace,

I long to see your smiling, distant face.


Do you ever wonder, as you gaze above,

If we were victims of a timeless love?

A love that knew no bounds, no earthly ties,

A love that still within my heart abides.


The fragrance of what was, a haunting tune,

A melody that plays beneath the moon,

In dreams, I see you standing by my side,

In waking hours, you're nowhere to confide.


The rain, it weeps with me in silent tears,

Asking questions of the passing years,

Will time relent and bring you back to me,

Or am I lost in love's vast, endless sea?


Do you, too, seek the answers to our fate,

As we wander through this melancholy state?

In the boy's imagination, I'll remain,

Seeking answers to questions, endless pain.


The fragrance of what was, it clings like dew,

To petals of a rose, forever true,

In every tear, in every whispered sigh,

I'll keep our love alive, until goodbye...

  • Author: Petrichor of Love (Online Online)
  • Published: September 18th, 2023 12:20
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 2


  • Pop64

    A very sad, but ever so well written write! One of endless love. Excellent writing!

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