Can this be done right? Or "the problem for neurodivergent parents with potentially neurodivergent kids"


Do I have an autistic child or do I just have a child?


Does my daughter have ADHD or is that something I'm predisposed to see?


Does my son have trouble processing? Or do I have an issue with unwarranted obsessing.


I guess it's easy, 

to see in hindsight, 

what my parents ought to have done. 

How her diagnoses was obvious 

His needs were supernumerary.

But the problem with hindsight is, that presently, we have none.


Because you don't want to "label" but you do want to help. 

But if assessments add further hindering to the already burdened whelp, 

then what is the best course of action that will cause so minimal a yelp?


The frustration of this liminal place is the not yet knowing yea or nay.

Does it even matter either way, yet quite frankly, 

It sucks!


Bottom line? 


There are no right answers, we do our best, and we must remember,

 there is no need to water,

 that barren field, on which you grow,

 your fucks.

  • Author: Tumnus (Online Online)
  • Published: September 18th, 2023 15:36
  • Comment from author about the poem: Wrote this poem reflecting on the issues of being a neurodivergent parent with young children and seeing neurodivergent traits in them and not knowing if this is because they are also neurodivergent or just children developing. In the last line I am trying to suggest that it doesn't really matter and I should stop worrying about it.
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