Dance to the beat

Natalie Heisey

Take a train downtown, let's dance the night away, Feel the rhythm run through our souls, as the music starts to play. With each step we take, our hearts come alive, are feet Moving to the beat, in perfect rythem as we strive.
The city streets become our stage, a dance floor thats so grand As we twirl and spin, hand in hand.The melodies surround us, filling the air,We dance and groove, without a single care.
Tanker, our pup, joins in the fun,
His wagging tail keeping time, under the moon and sun.Together we create a symphony, a joyful sight, Spreading happiness and laughter, throughout the entire night.
If you travel far and wide,take a break tonight, in this moment, let the music be your guide.
From beaches to breweries, you've explored it all,Now it's time to let loose, and answer the music's call.
With your family and friends by your side, the bond is strong,Creating memories together, as we dance the night along.And in your pursuit of writing, let this moment inspire,A fusioned poem that sets your soul on fire.

The music has become more beautiful,
The appreciation is greater.
The songs that were once enjoyed are now divine.
The Art is much the same,
It is the eye that now sees clearer.
The Blue in the sky has been there forever,
Some of us finally taking a good look at it.
The agile lads have always been vivacious,
But now they have finally been forced to respect women,
The resolute ladies still rule the world.

Ebbing and flowing,
Nurturing and growing,
Life is a dance,
Everyday is a chance,
To tune into the rhythm,
From abstract to realism,
Letting loose and letting go,
Electric feet putting on a show,
I see colours all around,
My body moving to the sound,
Nothing matters in this moment,
This is my life AND I own it .
~ Alita

Your words are a symphony, a dance of rhythm and rhyme,A poetic masterpiece that transcends space and time.With each line you weave, you paint a vivid scene,
A tapestry of emotions, where dreams and reality convene.
Your poetry is a fire, burning bright and strong,Igniting hearts and minds, resonating like a song.
So keep on writing, let your words take flight,For your poems are a treasure, shining with pure delight.

  • Authors: Natalie Heisey (Pseudonym), David Wakeling, AlitaOpal
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: October 5th, 2023 15:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
  • Invited: Friends (users on his/her list of friends can participate)
  • Category: Special occasion
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