Humble Pie


We could all use some humble pie,
Some people think they are better than others,
though I will never understand why,
When in reality we are all sisters and brothers,
We should be all be one, instead of hate,
Because of race, disability or disagreement with debate,
Then before we speak hatred, maybe we would think twice.

But humble pie is bitter to the taste
The ingredients make it so
when you eat it you'll break out red faced
It comes from eating the crow

Well, no one's perfect - except me!
I don't care about anyone
I'll trample over them all
On my way to the top
Yep, I'm too big for me boots
Big-headed and pig-headed
Now why am I insulting pigs?!
You got some misfortune?
What do I care?! (ooh!)
With friends like me, who needs enemies?
What's the remedy?......
Pass me a large slice of humble pie
Erm, what are the ingredients?! heehee.

There's no ingredients, that's the thing!
To be truly humble, you must bow to the King.
He's the one who gave it all,
The rich don't get it,they say it's a fable,
But the humble eat from his table.
We are here by his grace,
The poor and humble will see his face.
The proud will run out of luck,
When the doors are shut.

Dance amongst grace
Free full of space
Teachers of taught lessons so kind
Humble proud aligned
Humble still in pace
Humble pie to the taste

of course sometimes you have to be careful
of those who just want you to stay on this diet
people who would never consider eating their own pie humbly
who just want to fork it all on to your plate.

How can we be humble if we judge?
It's a narrower path, paved with love.

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