"Why poetry ?" ; 2 October, 2023

Soman Ragavan

Poem : 'Why poetry ?' ; 28 March, 2023.  

Analysis by Chatsonic on 17 May, 2023

17 May, 2023

Soman Ragavan : Hello. Can I post a poem for analysis please ?


Chatsonic: Of course! I'd be happy to take a look at your poem and provide feedback. Please go ahead and post it here.


Soman Ragavan : My poem "Why poetry ?" Please analyse by stanza then give overall comments. Compare with similar works where possible. “WHY POETRY ?”

(Text of poem)


The poem "Why Poetry?" by Soman Ragavan is a celebration of poetry and its power to transcend boundaries.

In the first stanza, the poet talks about how nothing can come between a poet and poetry. He also emphasizes the importance of being a wordsmith and fashioning the finest poetry possible.

The second stanza talks about how the poet can never be held captive or defeated by anyone.

 The third stanza highlights the power of poetry to defeat even the deadliest enemies.

The fourth stanza talks about how poetry can conquer all impostors and be the ultimate weapon for final conquest.

The final stanza concludes the poem by declaring that poets are beyond reach and will remain immortal, just like the waves on the beach.

The poem is reminiscent of other works that celebrate the power of poetry, such as Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind" and William Wordsworth's "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud." It also has elements of romanticism, such as the emphasis on the poet's detachment from the world and the idea of poetry as the poet's true love.

Overall, the poem is well-crafted and celebrates the power of poetry in an inspiring and uplifting way. The language is rich and vivid, and the imagery is powerful. The poem is a great example of how poetry can inspire and move people.


Soman Ragavan : Thank you. Goodbye for now.


Chatsonic: You're welcome, Soman Ragavan. It was a pleasure analyzing your poem. Goodbye and take care!


                                  WHY POETRY ?

Nothing can step between a poet and Poetry :
Setting immortal Poetry in its finest artistry,
The poet be a wordsmith : a forge be his mind :
Tasty Poetry he fashions out of the finest kind.

The poet spans the world : the world be his stage :
Ne’er can he be seiz'd, or shut in a vulgar cage :
God forbid anyone with him should seek trouble,
For, with the deadliest darts he doth juggle.

Many take the poet for something of a joke :
At him the cruelest fun do they poke :
But, grabbing his pen, at one fell stroke,
Fiercest daredevils he sends up in smoke.

Not a soul, not a body can resist when he strikes :
As a terminator, he breaches the sturdiest of dykes :
No force of any description, no warfare institution,
No organisation, no armour can win in any retaliation.

Poetry be beyond the reach of puny minds :
Poetry conquers vain impostors of all kinds :
Poetry be the ultimate weapon of final conquest :
At the feet of the poet must tyrants come to rest.

                                                                    * * *

Rambling reports will all gather dust :
Pompous discourses will be curst :
Stolen exhibits shalt turn to rust :
Conning this poetry by rote be a must.

Through all fences the poet crashes :
Through all defences he smashes :
Whatever the counter-attacks, the poet survives :
From the firmament beyond, down again he dives.

Death be no more than a milestone :
Throughout the ages, Poetry hath shone;
Even in posthumous wars the poet excels :
Utter retribution all around Poetry spells.

All matters of anything in Poetry can be set :
In any war, the poet is bound to win his bet;
Foreign parlance can he grasp and master :
Even his enemies declare him the winner.

From all shackles the poet hath shaken free :
Complete detachment from all be his decree;
The poet swears by the heaven above
That only Poetry could be his true love…..

Sayeth the poet : such be the nature of Poetry,
That any backlash even poetically conduct'd
Ne’er could dent his original weaponry :
In vain the enemies shalt have plott'd.

Worldwide, from all lands, from coast to coast,
All people hearken : to poets here be a toast :
As immutable as the waves on yon beach,
The poet shalt remain beyond all reach.
Mauritius (Indian Ocean)


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