Your Anger


Anger swims in the shallows of every surface, provoke her if you dare,

Coiled around your heels, she awaits the striking of a match,

She is a temptress awakening, a spider poised,

Ensnaring your emotions in her crafted web,

She is a puppeteer preparing her play, momentarily pausing,

The calm before a storm,

Simmering, her stillness evaporating, 


Mask of indifference trampled by heavy breaths,

Blanketed eyes yanked from oblivion, unveiling reflecting pools,

The dam bursting, a torrent raging,

Her appeal souring with the downturned streams that traced her brow,  

Lips contorting into an ill-shaped smile,

Fleshy rose petals wilting,

Frowning, cracking, distorting,

Thorned whites peeled away from their deceiving disguise,

Grinding, gnashing, snapping, 


A guttural howl pierced through hollowed eyes,

Burning with unquenchable rage,

Her cries rose birds from their perches that nested idle at her side,

Talons outstretch, scraping, ribboning layered skin,   

Lively and untamed,

Wielding words lost to the avalanche of her fury,


Embers ignited on withered emotion,

A flame flickering, lighting the kindling of suppressed thoughts,

A bonfire raging at her chest, escaping between the cage of bones and tissue that encaged the coals of her hunger,


Quick to be engulfed, 

Swift to plummet, 

Her human-shaped prison exhausted from fuel,

You never sacrifice enough for her appetite, 


She is a locust, devouring till all that remains is a husk, craving for more,

Yet your mortal shell bounds her, suppressing her limitless reign,

So, she burns what she is served, never satisfied, 


She is a dog, obediently limping back to her master,

A friend who bites the hand that feeds her,

For she is forever hungry, her collar too constricting, her leash too short,


Anger dozes in the mouth of the beast, blanketed by your tongue, armed by rows of teeth,

provoke her if you dare,

  • Author: yours truly (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 6th, 2023 22:06
  • Comment from author about the poem: thinking about emotions lately. Thought I would trial and error writing something about wrath/anger. The ending was a bit abrupt but apart from that I am quite pleased with this piece.
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