On Writing and Words


 I could take the world within my grasp, spin it, and write


The moon could inspire many a romantic image and


I could speak of the depths of the sea or speak


Or write about almost anything, to leave most of you


But, here and now, I choose to be just so silly, be just me

For poetry need not endure the pain and wrath of just one


Or subject matter, why must it always be of love, you see?

While variation of subject and style can be the new norm

Take up the license that each poet is issued and so carries

Utilize the changing roads and the directions for your


Take your time though, for writing is better when


As your words will fall in place and stay a natural force

  • Author: Michael (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 8th, 2023 09:51
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • User favorite of this poem: Bella Shepard.
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  • Parisab

    Yes indeed you can impress, yet you are inviting us to let be poetry be a ‘natural force’ when ‘unhurried’ and ‘flowing’. Either is lovely when you post…

  • Bella Shepard

    I love the challenge you poem presents. Explore all possibilities, dare to take a different path, find what treasure may lie hidden. As the old saying goes "variety is the spice of life", and you have certainly spiced up life with this gem dear friend.

  • MendedFences27

    Agreed! Although I think Love will always be poetry's most popular subject I believe as writers we should always explore other subjects and forms. Thanks for bringing up this topic as we all need a wakeup call once in a while. Always take the time to perfect the poems we write, or as W. H. Auden once answered to the question," What's the secret to your success?" He replied, "Revise, Revise, Revise."
    Well spoken, as is your poem. - Phil A.

  • Osei Zion

    "take you time though, ...."
    i think this line speaks to me. nice poem

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