Do I matter


Sometimes I ask myself, do I matter,
Or am I only fooling myself like the mad hatter,
Do I matter to anyone at all,
Or am I setting myself up for an inevitable fall,
Am i really here, do I even exist?
To certain people, I feel like that is what they wish,
That my birth was a mistake,
Was I ever cared about or was it all fake?
I guess it doesn't matter, I have all that I need,
I have my God and my husband,they are all I have indeed,
I am loved by them and only them it seems,

Do I only matter in my dreams?
Am I supposed to be here?
Or do I only bring others tears?
I feel unwanted,
Guess that's what happens when you're haunted.
I know I matter to God,
But it sure would be nice to have a backup squad.
I don't make much of a difference on this Earth,
So why would I have worth?

Don't you know, you are made in the image of God.
We are here for his pleasure, though most have forgot!
To be his companion,as we walk on his earth.
To witness his Spirit, to find true worth.
Yes we matter, no matter, what anyone may say.
He's calling his children, come to papa, and play.

Do I matter? A question I use to ponder. With God in my heart; I no longer wonder. Do I matter to those here on earth? I matter to Him; I’m learning my worth. Have I ever mattered to my friends of the past? They were in my life for a brief season; it wasn’t meant to last. We matter; we matter to Him; oh yes I believe we are each a true blessing!

If I don't matter to others I matter to me
If I had my druthers I'd make people see
that it doesn't matter what they think
If you're fatter or they think you stink
It's not belligerence what you perceive
It only makes a difference what you believe

But then I start to question myself
If it really matters if I matter
Because in the end
We all have to answer that question
If anything is to matter

Matter in all sense describes physical substance,
Life is a gift we should endeavour despite the feelings of reluctance..
Why am I here seems to be the ultimate question,
However.. we rise and fall, this life feels like a big lesson..
They say pressure makes diamonds and pain is present in the word PAINT-ing..
Unless we start appreciating life, we will be constantly waiting..
Who am I is the greatest question we should really ask,
Remember that life is a blessing and was never meant to be a task..
~ Alita

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