What if I said


What if I said that you may feel broken, but you will not shatter,
What if I said that even though you feel down, YOU MATTER,
Regardless of how someone puts you down and makes you feel like dirt,
There is someone that will pick you up and take away the hurt,
What if I said that there is someone that loves you no matter what,
All you need to do is open your heart instead of keeping it shut,
Let Him in and let God heal ,
Lift your arms to Him while you kneel,
Give Him thanks in everything you do,

What if I said no matter how dark it is; falling in his arms is glorious? What if I said no matter how deep your pain; Gods love is ever lasting? He pours it on like summer rain. What if I said no matter how bad you feel. Gods got you and his love is real!!

What if I said I was broken?
My mind like a glass vase
Shattered from the impact of his actions.
What if I said I am trying to find myself?
Carefully sifting through the pieces
Deciding which ones are worth saving.
What if I said I am trying to heal?
Mending the bigger pieces together
Until it resembles the ghost of who I used to be.
What if I said all of that and you decide it's not enough?
That you liked me better before
That I am not worth the trouble to repair.
What if I'm destined to stay broken and alone?

What if I said that you are special and worthy,
Of happiness and love ,
What if i said that he isn't worth your tears,
What if I said that you are loved unconditionally,
What if I said that you are special and blessed,
What if I said that You are beautiful and a precious child of God,
What if I said thank you for being YOU

What if I said,
He is Lord,
And in is mouth is a two edged sword!
Able to divide soul and spirit,
Read it and weep,
And be delivered.

You speak to my heart and I know we share the same spirit,
Your words Manifest healing, I can really feel it,
The God within speaks through and to us all,
We never really hear it until we fall,
What if then becomes it is and now manifest,
We can now shed all our fears and in God we can rest..


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