L. B. Mek

Notice of absence from L. B. Mek
'fare ye well' kind friends



Click, tic, flick busy scrawling our life’s away

We’re freaking-out when, tell us when

Hating, whoever they label as a villain

Forgiving those Magazine cover paint-brushed




Our capacity to verify black-eye lies


Just as long as they feed us escapism



Rapists released after just a few weeks,

Child abusers given welfare houses

Barely a street from day-care centres,

War refugees vilified for burdening

A mirage economy,

A robbery murder in broad daylight

Just by our local corner shop

While we’re told it’s in our interest

Local police stations, should


Be, obsolete…


Millionaire prime minister’s

That can’t explain how they made

All that campaigning money

Yet, they’re MI6 approved to run

A country’s beggared treasury…


While a decrepit president, mumbles

Lies and enables his sons drug abuse

While funding six billion-dollar wars…


Bombarded daily by evermore extravagant


We lack the will or resolve to question it all

News as our breakfast and supper fallacies



Deemed an archaic impossibility

thrown out with morality’s water,


Cancelled outright, warped &

twisted by reactionary policies


so we’re collectively free to cyclically

repeat , same

generationally inherited, mistakes…


It used to be, every time

A war started somewhere

in the world

Our ‘leaders’ would collectively

talk about, Peace envoys


it’s all taking sides and threats

Sanctions and funding's galore…


‘Theory of evolution’

May have used a wrong word

Too assumptively humanistic

‘Theory of inversion’

Seems to fit humanity’s antics


much better! i think…



© L. B. Mek

October 2023

  • Author: L. B. Mek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 13th, 2023 03:49
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Lorenz

    we implore you great god of the final bug !

    • L. B. Mek

      where did I mention a deity
      ... or a bug
      or greatness?
      you see what you see, dear Poet
      oh seer of those, to be seen universal fragrances
      and the has-been's, maybe one day
      we may all see, as well as you can see in the dark...
      (just having fun, thank you!)

    • LIZ

      The atrocities of life!! "click, tic, flic"---this is so, to your face!!!The struggles of life!! Lies we accept as a way to escape. So much going on; torture; rape!

      Sexual slavery, forced pregnancy, enforced much we fail to see! Because it's It is, what it is!

      We're so used to the lies....and the ridiculous ways of life that we fail to question it all. So we keep doing the same things over and over again....expecting a different result.

      Our leaders don't talk anymore! They're occupied making sure to keep us in the treat us like puppets with no minds.

      In looking back, at each path taken, every decision, will we be proud?....will it be "all we ever wanted?" or did we just cowered out?

      Bombarded much? DAMN!!

      By the way, doesn't he look a little like Teddy Swims? 😳

      I love your mind!!

      • L. B. Mek

        he does, a bit taller
        and their voices have that similar power dynamic I think
        why did I never notice until you mentioned it, lol
        'Bombarded much?'
        Indeed my wise Poet!!!
        Amen! To all that your words conveyed here
        thank you!
        I'm in love with your mind and all it represents

      • sorenbarrett

        I have often questioned is it just more visible with media in every place and time, or are we more deadened to it with its constant exposure, are we more corrupt due to a change in societal morals,? Regardless we have not evolved in the right direction it seems devolution and yes inversion. Loved the lines :
        "Our capacity to verify black-eye lies
        Just as long as they feed us escapism
        Do we throw our hands in the air saying, nothing can be done? Or do we become numb and ignore everything outside of ourselves? It's a bloody well good time for a social revolution, where values are put toward helping not hurting others.

        • L. B. Mek

          maybe, my cherished friend
          or maybe it's a more personal accountability
          we need to find a path to..
          collective outrage has been and wasted
          too many times already
          (thank you!)

        • Parisab

          Mind bending and maddening as is the reaction to the states of affaires! ‘Evolution of inversion’ I’m afraid could be a thing. I’m happy that you don’t simplify the turmoil of it all…Well done as always…lovin’ the video too-

          • L. B. Mek

            I'm just grateful like most of us here at mps
            we have our beloved poesy as a release outlet
            I can't fathom how everyone else deals
            with the constant chaos that is life..?
            still, we can but witness and do our part
            it's all too much for us
            to try and assume responsibility for, i think
            Thank you! my poet sister

          • Teddy.15

            I never thought I'd truly say the words gone bonkers but it has. And your poem is a testament to it, only you can write like this Mek ❤️ I'm really in a state of what next? Stay safe in London I've already heard there's a bit of trouble. Big hugs 🤗

            • L. B. Mek

              you know our beloved London
              tell me a time when there wasn't 'a bit of trouble'
              around those narrow corners....
              but that merciful universe
              is keeping me safe from the worst of it
              hope you n yours had a lovely weekend
              and will have a peaceful week ahead
              (my way is to do this little scribbles
              let it all out, then forget as best I can
              only way I can function and survive..)
              thank you! cherished Poetess

            • Introverted Sage

              'And is it bad.. that I go a bit mad when I hear everyones "that's crazy" and "oh, yeahs"... "Yeah, you're right" but keep on playing along.. where the f.. is our fight? We are just one voice - but together we're strong.
              It seems by design these
              like-minds are scattered through the globe making it harder to find - as if stars sprinkled in the skies - only grouping together the shallow minds...'

              Most things "aren't real" or are hard to believe by so many until they experience it first hand.
              Is it from the constant need for instant gratification that emotion has been completely sucked out?

              When is it enough? What will it take for people to see the bottomless pit we continuously dig ourselves in just by being what we aren't?

              So many are "all for it" but if a call comes in, saying 'drop everything, we need you to help put an end to this'
              How many could so easily detach?

              Thanks for sharing this one's a soul stirrer

              • L. B. Mek

                divide and conquer, oldest tactic there is!
                so they spew that segregating propaganda
                their tannoy news portals bombarding
                with so much chaotic misinformation
                we can no longer find any threads of truth..
                (look at how blatantly the Gaza invasion
                was staged as a reactionary act?
                6 billion 'given' to Iran in some random
                prisoner exchange
                all of a sudden, Palestine militants
                have a ground force built up
                that CIA and mossad had no clue about.. 🙄
                a flutter of attacks, with no warnings?
                with outdoor concerts being staged
                right on the borders?
                harrowing and vile images
                of cruel barbaric Palestine militants
                that every news source has access to
                within second, all edited zoomed-in
                perfectly angled
                then every time we go to YouTube
                its running a public opinion advert campaign
                reversing a century of sympathy
                for the Palestine cause..
                and ermm this all 'magically'
                came about at the same time, within days
                no years of planning, just random events...🙄
                ok sure,
                now cross check that with how police
                handle a few teenagers 'mob' looting
                a handful of stores...
                what to do!?
                so we turn on each other, like they want us to do
                or hide within the greater herded majorities
                try to act the part, while choosing to stay
                ignorant, because it's all too overwhelming
                be design
                (just look at search engines, all the education
                anyone can ever need, right there
                yet how many generations are drowning in
                school fees..?)
                I just hope they know what they're doing
                because they'll be the ones who will reap
                whatever's left of us...
                we just do what we can and try to stay
                sane for as long as we can...🤷‍♂️😂🍻😎

                • Introverted Sage

                  'we just do what we can and try to stay
                  sane for as long as we can...'
                  Seems like that's the golden ticket lol
                  It reminds me of Ch 68 in Tao Te Ching - about warriors, violence, etc.
                  'A warrior who revels in violence and brutality is an abomination'
                  ;His narrow-minded preference for martial solutions will make him equally narrow-minded in battle'
                  'Excellent leaders put their own interests aside, work for a common good together with their people'

                  Like, it almost makes too much sense to all just f'n get along right? Like it would be way too easy. So they keep up this charade and because 'it's what we've always done' no one has the capacity to expand their narrow perspective. It's sad and disgusting and frankly, I'm pissed I was born to have to live through it amongst a bunch of 'yea, me too' parrots.
                  Thanks again for sharing! I appreciate your passion

                • Thomas W Case

                  Great flow and use of language.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    thank you, kind Poet

                  • John Lee

                    Broken. This world. Controlled by broken systems and peace is held by dollars.. you explained it well throughout the imagery journey dear poet.

                  • Neville

                    Aah now don’t that feel better .. my mental muscle thanks you bigly Mek and truly .. N

                  • Bella Shepard

                    I see your heart bleeding, I hear your soul weeping as you write this lament, the pain of it all becoming unbearable. Where do we go when logic and reason have fled. Perhaps, in the end, we will rise from the ashes. I can only hope for a better future for the people I love who will have to live it. You are here to remind us dearest friend, for if we do not acknowledge the pain, we never address it. Thank you!

                  • madalynsamantha

                    Absolutely love this one!❤️❤️❤️ Powerful to the day the least.

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