Underneath an exterior tranquilly calm

She was shaking as much as a newly born lamb

With the door off its hinges there's nothing to slam

So she pushes it all deeper down 


Heat surrounds the now massive developing bruise 

Her reward for the solving of numerous clues

She'd accepted the drinking and women he screws 

And pushed her nightmare deeper down 


Biting down to regain some control of a lip

That's been trembling since she started planning the trip 

That will take her away from his shoulder and chip 

No longer prepared to push down 


Finding strength she had once buried deeper than coal 

Her heart beat a bit faster igniting her soul 

After years of being broken she re emerged whole 

With no need to push it all down 

  • Author: peto (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 13th, 2023 05:37
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 3
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  • LIZ

    Wow!!! You must be talking to someone...just saying. Anyone who's been in this hell, will feel every single emotion you've so well emitted here! It's extremely difficult to get out of a situation like this! My respect!! 🙌

    • peto

      Thank you LIZ
      The respect is mutual

    • Pop64

      This is a complete story with clear details and what appears to he a self resurrection, a happy hopeful ending. If only all were so lucky or strong enough to push through.

      • peto

        If only
        Thank you very much pop
        Appreciate the read and input

      • Christina8

        This write is amazing. I really felt the line "Finding strength she had once buried deeper than coal'. That's really powerful! And I think we all know a person like this. I think you've shown us all what your capable of! Remarkable!!

        • peto

          Thank you Christina
          Your support and encouragement is much appreciated
          Next time I hope you bring your pen
          Much obliged

          • Christina8

            Last time I brought my pen and it bombed because certain people were away LOL I'll try and write something lighter

          • BlessedbyGod

            Great piece peto!!
            Hopefully when she makes it to him, all her fears and doubts will disappear as soon as he wraps his arms around her , and let's her know that he is her safe place.

            • peto

              Thank you blessed
              I really appreciate your support and encouragement
              Always kind and most welcome

            • Parisab

              So much empathy in the texture of your words-and it’s not easy to craft gentle words to build this imagery of horror-
              watching others suffer is hard but to wait with patience for their arrival makes it even harder-thanks Peto!

              • peto

                Thank you parisab
                Appreciate the visit very much
                And your input is always so insightful
                Much obliged

              • JimmyWriteOn

                What a fantastic write about something so real and horrifying. Really great descriptions and rhyming. I could really see what you were describing

                • peto

                  Thank you Jimmy
                  Great to see you here
                  Your debut write was amazing
                  Truly appreciate the visit and comment

                • Introverted Sage

                  Your writing makes the reader feel as if they are right there with her as well as with you as the observer. You paint both sides so well. An inspiring finish!
                  Great write

                  • peto

                    Thank you sage
                    An inspiring comment
                    That made me smile
                    Extremely grateful

                  • Teddy.15

                    A beautiful poem dear Peto ❤️

                    • peto

                      Thank you very much Teddy
                      I don't know how to do the heart
                      Sending my love

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