Past atrocities circle a venomous brain 

Where forked lightning rips holes in the sheets for the rain 

To wash over without drowning out any pain 

From a life falling short of the hype 


Combing through the fine print for a loophole or clause 

Grasping hands hanging on to the shortest of straws 

Breaking anciently righteous morality laws 

Another clean slate takes a swipe 


In a world full of colour I'm still black and white 

Swallowed up by the shadowy dancers at night 

Two wrongs won't do the job three lefts should make it right

Slippers on smoking hash from a pipe


Off the pace 

In the race 

For the space 

To disgrace 


Bubble burst 

Do your worst 

No more trust 

Is a must


Helping hand 

Firm stand 

No demand 

To expand 

  • Author: peto (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 14th, 2023 00:19
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 3
  • Users favorite of this poem: LIZ, Introverted Sage.
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  • Thomas W Case


    • peto

      Thank you very much big chap

    • LIZ

      Ummmm heyyyyy and you talk about me? 😝 Being different!! "In a world full of colour I'm still black and white"--DO YOUR WORST! DAMN!!!!! I needed this, thank you!!

      • peto

        Your ears were burning then
        Truly appreciate you LIZ
        Many thanks

      • Parisab

        Too cool to bother with ‘too much’ I presume! Yet you took your time with this one and created a colorful canvas. I always say the art needs to stand out more than the artist…

        • peto

          I agree whole heartedly
          And do hope that is the case here
          I appreciate the input very much
          Thank you

        • Introverted Sage

          The mind can be our worst enemy!
          and sometimes nothing even comes close to slowing the circles it takes us in.. just to make it stop..for a moment..

          'For the space
          To disgrace'
          If only we could do our 'ugly' in the dark. Most times we do, yet we feel it is seen as if painted on our faces.

          This one feels like a letting go of sorts.
          Great write!

          • peto

            Never stops sage
            Do our ugly in the dark
            As for it being seen it's always obvious on.my boat
            Some though have more faces than the town clock
            Always delighted to see you here
            Many thanks

          • Christina8

            Excellent! I'm loving this new format. Like I always say, it's like you are improving with each poem. Mind blown! Christina

            • peto

              Truly appreciated Christina
              I love your enthusiasm
              Keeps me going
              Cheers for always looking in
              Many thanks

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