Vic n tim


With all of her ducks neatly set in a row 

Victoria's secret's beginning to show 

Lingerie pics were sent to the one in the know 

She was up for a sordid affair 


Timothy heard her cry reaching out for her hand 

Promising he would satisfy every demand 

Falling head over heels he's in no rush to land 

Soaking up all fun of the fair 


Passion flows to the surface whenever they speak 

Close enough to connect in a way that's unique 

So the next guy will get the same spiel with a tweak 

Femininity's mystical flair


She retreats to the safety of comfortable hell 

Never able to show all the wonders she'd tell 

Missing out on the touch on the taste on the smell 

On the truth she regards as a dare 


No one wins when the dark forces retake control 

All he touched was the darkest recess of her soul 

For a brief moment both halves had felt like one whole 

Vic n tim circling in a square 

  • Author: peto (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 16th, 2023 00:15
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 42
  • User favorite of this poem: LIZ.
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  • Thomas W Case

    Excellent. you do a great job at creating intrigue. Nice use of rhyme.

    • peto

      Thank you Thomas
      Apologies for late reply

    • Christina8

      OMG what an excellent play on words...I was wondering how "Vic N Tim' would work, splendid as Victoria's Secret and Timothy. Also, who is the victim in that mess? You sir, are a wordsmith, Stevie! I really enjoyed reading this!

      • peto

        Thanks Christina
        So kind as always
        Much appreciated

      • Parisab

        Great word play-some seek dare instead of truth and that is not meant to end well-at the same time there are some wardrobe mentions to lighten the mood of the poem-

        • peto

          Truly appreciate your time and input
          Apologies for late reply
          Extremely grateful

        • Introverted Sage

          Mysterious and enticing.
          Temptation is tricky.

          The last line poses as if in a stand-off.. will she succumb to the darkness or not..

          Clearly I'm over here on the edge of my seat. haha'

          • peto

            Don't be falling off sage
            I really appreciate your support very much
            Greatly appreciated

          • LIZ

            Makes me think of hidden love desires...where you just get a glimpse...even though you'd like to have it all...but there's too much pain involved. All fun and games...until reality hits! We can't truly grasp it, when we let darkness win!! Bravo!!!!!

            • peto

              Ah you really look into the write LIZ
              Extremely grateful for your time and friendship

            • BlessedbyGod

              Great piece peto!!
              I agree with all these,
              Especially with Maxine,
              It's sad , but intriguing and the two halves should be as one,
              Communication is the only way that they can become whole , voicing their concerns and thoughts to one another!
              If only Timothy wouldn't give up, because I'm sure she is reaching to him as well, recognizing him as her other half!

              • peto

                I love the enthusiasm of your comment
                And I am extremely grateful for them
                Apologies for late reply

                • BlessedbyGod

                  No worries my friend,

                • sunshine777

                  beautiful light and dark
                  she retreats to the safety of comfortable hell
                  amazing use of words

                  • peto

                    Thank you very much for looking back over this older write
                    I appreciate it

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