Dear Self

Tanisha Aggarwal

Dear Self,

Wake up to realise you're living not just alive.

There's a tomorrow to bring justice on whats left out in today, give yourself space.

You do you, rest leave it to faithful, what cannot bring fruits can be left behind.

You're different, hold on to your purpose, stay true to the voice of your inner child.

Let them conspire, what you bring to the table has huge calibre to inspire.

What you do brings charm not just money's worth.

You have done enough, served well to the tables that were cold.

Let the aura of true majesty push you where you're meant to be.

You belong in places where they rain loyalty,

You're an art, you radiate divinity.

Having dignity of your gods, you're special in every way.

Your heart is healing, making you stronger.

You're beautiful even when you are unloved.

You'll find a lover that transcends your paths, lifting you to new highs.

Trust your intuition. You're only human, you can make mistakes.

In this life, you are meant to feel heaven.

~Thats the message of universe to my soul.

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  • Thomas W Case

    Powerful reflection.

  • Tanisha Aggarwal

    Thank you

  • Introverted Sage

    This is beautiful, and so inspirational!

  • Tanisha Aggarwal

    Thank you 💗

  • L. B. Mek

    empowering self , while elevating others
    that's a mighty superpower
    you choose to wield for good, dear poet
    thank you!

  • Tanisha Aggarwal

    Means a lot

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